Trillions Stolen …. America Looted

Looted Nation ….. The Sleeping Masses

GOOGLE and the World Bankster BASTARDS have ERASED all My Work ……. The BANKSTER BASTARDS have CENSORED All My Google Sites …….. GEE GOLLY WHIZ what Criminal Bastards They ABSOLUTELY ARE …… Google the Rat Bastard Child of CIA / NSA and the Federal Reserve WHORES …………. The GOOGLE MAFIA are as Rotten DIRTY as ROTTEN Dirty Comes ………

CAFRs  and  Pension Funds  LOOTED  Stupid

The Perpetrators ARE The So Called Regulators


From DOJ to FBI and Treasury TO BIG TO FAIL is a Cover Up WHITEWASH of the MASSIVE INSIDE LOOTING of America’s and the World’s Financial Institutions



Judson Witham <>
4:26 PM (9 minutes ago)

to Office, fbi.dallas, Houston.Texas, stephanie, linda, Bobby, ffetf, MARK, M.R.C., Paul, Ron, TIFFANY, Benjamin, Ken, JAMES, James, John, Thomas, Executive, Insurance, Robert, Laser, Bobby, ISLAND, ROBERT
I’ll bet Liberty Broadcasting Knows
Huh Curt

Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 4:13 PM
Subject: Flies in the Butter

TRILLIONS Have Been Swindled and Real Estate is at the CORE OF IT …
Ask MERS and Ask Eric Sneiderman

Ask The FBI, US Postal and the US Secret Service / Treasury

The Great Texas Bank Job

So I’m thinking Conroe, Texas was INFESTED with Illegal Realty Transactions Connected to Financing Agreements and Bank Loans for Unlawful Real Estate Sales. Many Many Many Millions of these Swindles have been revealed all across the United States and IN FACT the Subprime Deals are Greatly Infamous. The Perps of these Illegal Realty Deals almost always provided an Address with which to MAIL in Payments and as is OBVIOUS Used the Mails and Such to engage in the other Transactional Aspects of Collecting Installments and Noticing on Collections and Court Matters during Foreclosures. It would seem the US Postal and Banking Systems were ALL integral to the Criminal and otherwise Fraudulent and Illegal Realty, Insurance, Banking and Lawyering connected to it all.

WHISTLE-BLOWER Witham was He ever Paid ???







When Hundreds of Billions in Real Estate Swindle Related Frauds have been OBVIOUSLY reported to the State and Federal Governments through FBI, Secret Service, US Postal Inspections and that information is accurate and results in VAST Legal Settlements from the Perps …..

I thought Whistle Blowers were entitled to a REWARD for exposing the Corruption ???
WHISTLE-BLOWER Witham was He ever Paid ???


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