THE SWAMP America’s Dirty Bankster Mobsters and the CIA







The Truth Is Secord’s, McFarlane’s, Bushs and North’s Enterprises were connected to JoAnna King’s and Congressman Charlie Wilson’s. The Clintons were deeply in the DAISY CHAIN AS WELL

      The Bushs and Clintons FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTORS and HARRIS COUNTY TEXAS …… and see all the rest ….. Clintons and Bushs Financiers ….. see all of it ….. The MEGA DIRT DEALING RACKETS …… THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE CLINTONS AND BUSHS ……. TEXAS LAND SWINDLING GONE WILD


The men who crashed the world

The first of a four-part investigation into a world of greed a




The  Houston  Post  and  FBI  Director   William  Webster  with  Comey, Mueller, The Bushs and Clintons  …….    RAPED  AMERICA  STUPID …….



Notice  the  FOUNDATION of  Bush /  Clinton

The  State Department  and  Bush Clinton  Charities  and   VAST  WEAPONS  TRAFFICKING  ……     WAY  BEYOND   IRAN CONTRA



CIA’s   ROLAND  CARNABY  from  Willis ,  Lake Conroe  Texas was  filled  with  BULLETS down there.   Right across  the  intersection  from the  Loop Central  South  Offices of  the  Houston  Post ……  In   Bush,  Gahbonifar   Khashogi,  Clark Clifford, Roger Altman,  AIG  JoAnna Herring,   Ben Franklin Savings ,  M Bank  and  the  Western Bank’s   DIGS.   Imagine  that  ROLAND  CARNABY   from   Willis  Texas ……  Amazing  Stuff  huh

The REALITY IS ……. It went down in Harris and Montgomery County ……



Listen to Veteran Chronicle Houston Post discuss LAND DEALS and MORTGAGE FINANCING and the CIA


Deep In The Heart of the BUSH CLINTON FOUNDATION The Enterprises …….  The  State  Department

The Bush Crime Family – The Mafia, CIA and George Bush

– The Bush Crime Family and the S&L Scandal. An investigation of connections between the Mafia, the CIA, a small group of powerful Texas businessmen and politician …..

Notice  Brewton  Says   SPRING  1987


Case  1986-17930    ……    William  Webster  CIA  and  the  Senate Intel Committee   ASK   NELDA  LUCE   and   DA   LIGON  /    Montgomery County  Sheriff  Henderson 

The  Senate  Intelligence  Committee   and  William   Webster’s    Favorite  Subject  WESTERN  BANK

LOOK  NELDA  1300  Main Street  How  Nice

Here’s the accounts of the Secretary of the FHA and the Assistant Secretary at HUD with Harris County Attorney’s Linda Minor




Linda  Minor   was  a Lawyer  with  the   Harris  County  Attorney’s   Office   Houston


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    Khashoggi,  Gabonifar , Clark Clifford,  Roger Altman, BCCI  and  the  Bin Ladins   all operating with   POPPY  BUSH  in  Houston  ……    Research   Gulf  Manor  Airport




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    Biography of Clark Clifford. … One of Clifford’s clients was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). The bank was chartered in Luxembourg and …

  2. Jul 29, 1992 THE SCANDAL surrounding the Bank of Credit and Commerce International claimed its highest- ranking victim to date yesterday when Clark

  3. For more than forty years, Clark Clifford was Washington’s consummate … reporter and a chief investigator in the Senate inquiry on BCCI provide the answers.

  4. Clark Clifford: No Amiable Dunce | News OK

    Oct 3, 1991 IF it wasn’t the worst moment of Clark Clifford’s life, it came close. … investors who ran the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

  5. Clark Clifford – Wikipedia

    Clark McAdams Clifford (December 25, 1906 – October 10, 1998) was an American lawyer who ….. When they missed interest payments, BCCI took control of the shares. It was later estimated that in this manner, BCCI had ended up with 60 …



Covert Action Information Bulletin No.39, Winter 1991-92

In early August 1991, the global scandal surrounding the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) hit the headlines, and linked the powerful financial institution with the CIA. Acting CIA director Richard Kerr quickly decided to go public with a part of the Agency’s relationship to what prosecutors have called the largest bank fraud of all time.

His choice of forum, a lecture to a group of U.S. high school students meeting at the National Press Club in Washington, was odd but rational. His chosen audience was obviously less prepared than journalists or members of Congress to ask tough questions about the Agency’s relationship to the drug-corrupted bank. Within this context, Kerr could put the information out in such a way that the CIA had total control over what was said and could thus cast it in an entirely positive light.

Kerr told the students that the bank’s global reach and ties to various Middle Eastern groups early on made it a key vehicle for intelligence-gathering by the Agency. At the same time, the Agency expanded its links with the bank, Kerr explained, both as a source for information on drug money laundering and drug trafficking, and as a mechanism for moving U.S. government funds. Because the bank operated branches in so many countries – some 73 around the world – the CIA used it also for moving Agency monies to its local assets. When the CIA found out the bank was engaged in improper activities, explained Kerr, it passed the information to federal law enforcement. Once it determined that the bank’s activities were criminal, the acting director stated, the CIA of course began reducing its operations with the bank, and stopped them completely by the end of 1988.

Acting Director Kerr had indeed chosen his audience well. None of the high school students challenged his superficial account of the CIA’s role with BCCI.


Add to this BCCI’s habit of making pay-offs to prominent public officials in a variety of countries around the world -pay-offs which BCCI insiders claim went to people close to the CIA – like General Zia ul-Haq of Pakistan, Manuel Noriega of Panama, and the leaders of the Afghan Mujahedeen.

Finally, consider the odd sale of the BCCI affiliate Banque de Commerce et Placements (BCP) in Geneva only two weeks after the closure of BCCI on July 5, 1991.

It seems that the President of BCP, Alfred Hartmann, was simultaneously on the Board of Directors of BCCI and Banco Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), the Italian bank involved in illegally financing arms sales to Iraq. Interestingly, Hartmann also served on the board of a New York bank, Intermaritime, owned by none other than Bruce Rappaport, a Swiss/Israeli businessman who was a frequent companion of CIA Director William Casey. In 1986, Casey used Rappaport to control the $10 million the Sultan of Brunei gave “Mr. Kenilworth” (Assistant Secretary of State Elliott Abram’s pseudonym) for the Contras. The funds were then supposedly “lost,” before re-discovery during the Iran-Contra affair.

The remarkably well-connected Mr. Hartmann helped arrange the sale of BCP to a Turkish bank, Cukarova, at a speed which all but ruled out due diligence. Cukarova owned a company called “Enda,” which in turn owned a company called “EnTrade,” a New York-based trading company, which in turn handled financial transactions for the arming of Iraq by employees of none other than BNL- Hartmann’s other board of directorship. What other bank was found to have been involved with BNL in the U.S. in funding Iraqi arms transactions? BCCI.

One issue faced by Robert Gates in his confirmation hearings in the Fall of 1991 was the degree to which officials of the U.S. intelligence community may have assisted Iraq with dual-use technology and other help in its war against Iran. Accordingly, the BCCI-BNL-BCP connection becomes one more oddity leading back to the underlying issue of just what and how extensive was the BCCI connection to the CIA.

Kerr told the high school students that the CIA was conducting surveillance and gathering intelligence through BCCI. He neglected to tell them on whom, to what end, and with what result. Kerr and the CIA still have not answered some troubling questions: Did that surveillance reveal weapons sales to Iraqi entities within the United States? Was BCCI’s involvement with Iraqi a sales and the BNL affair another part of a Casey-inspired off-the-books operation?

Other important and as yet unanswered questions arise regarding the use of BCCI by China, Pakistan, and South Africa for weapons sales and purchases or sales of dangerous technologies; and additionally by Pakistan and South Africa to funnel U.S. funds to the Mujahedeen. Further investigation is also needed into BCCI’s pervasive involvement with laundering funds for the various business enterprises of former CIA asset Manuel Noriega.



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