Lake George – Adirondacks CRIME SCENE an Environmental Nightmare

The  FAKE  Environmentalists  of  New  York

Lake George Wild Forest ….. THE CRIME SCENE … Concealment … NYS Assembly Notice ….. 7,000,000 lbs of ice and snow …. With Scienter …. Winter Ice and Snow Drawdowns Lake George

830 Tons of  Slop and Industrial Chemical Pollution  DAILY  for over 70  Years  is  a  HUGE PILE OF  CRAP

21,206,500   TONS  Of  Poison  Just  from  TICONDEROGA

The Swamp Fox  is  NOT  Amused


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The Leachate from all those  Brown Fields  is  way  worse  than  the  ROAD SALT …..  Oh and  The Leaky , Leach fields have been  Leaky a  very very long time.   Imagine  all  the  Combinations of  Chemicals and  Metals and GOD ONLY KNOWS  what else  floods into Lake George  all the  way to  Canada and the Atlantic   ALL  THE  TIME.
NOTE …..   Andy  Cuomo’s  Fit  over the  INFAMOUS  Gallon of  Gas accidently spilled ……  Imagine  His  TIRADE  when He discovers  the  BILLIONS of  Gallons of  SLOP  and  all  that  Waste and Unspent  Fuels  from  Marine  Engines  that spew into the  Lakes  ENDLESSLY.   Growing up on  a  Marina   LIKE  THE  SWAMP …..  Teaches  You Many Things
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  1. a long, angry speech of criticism or accusation.
    “a tirade of abuse”

830 Tons of  Slop and Industrial Chemical Pollution  DAILY  for over 70  Years  is  a  HUGE PILE OF  CRAP

21,206,500   TONS  Of  Poison  Just  from  TICONDEROGA

This  is  the  CRIME  SCENE …..  The  Engineered and Installed   CRAP  FLUSHER

The  FLUSHING  WORKS  at  Weedville ,  Alexander Ave just North of  the  Delaware & Hudson Rail Road Bridge.

The Timber Land  Deals and other Financial  Sweetheart  Arrangements with the  CON MEN / CON WOMEN ( Criminals )  that built  the  FLUSHER WORKS at the North End of Lake George …..  Made  a  HUGE  MISTAKE …… Destroying  My Parents Marina back in the 1950s  and 1960s.
You see  the  ENVIRONMENTAL  FLUSHINGS  of  the  EVCON,  DEC,  NYS  Conservation Commission  and  the  Lake  George  Park Commission  have been exposed.   Truth be known …… as a  Kid Growing up on Lake George at The Witham Marina in the 50s and 60s ….. It was  MY JOB as a  Water Keeper to  Hammer Broom  Stick  PLUGS  so  Boats  could  NOT  dump  Their Holding Tanks into Lake  George.    WOW  a  Water  Keeper  from the  1950s ……  JUST  SAYING
So  The  State of  Vermont  and  the  State of  New  York  and  the  United States  and  the  WORLD  KNOW
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Date: Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 9:21 AM
Subject: Concealment ….. NYS Assembly Notice ….. 7,000,000 lbs of ice and snow …. With Scienter …. Winter Ice and Snow Drawdowns Lake George
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Dear  Carol  ,    Senator  Little ,  Mr.  Stec,  Et Al
The  Historical Records Collection Made Possible  by the  INTERNET  reveals  Huge  Sewage, Mill Wastes and Vast Amounts of  Leachate and Chemical Laden Lake George Waters  were  DUMPED into the La Chute.    That PINHOLE  Operation as  Lake George Park Commission  describes it   CAUSED  THE  ENTIRE  MESS to OCCUR.   New York’s  DAM  “A”  being the SOLE CAUSE  of the  INTENTIONAL  Lake Ice and Snow  Manipulations.
Clifford and Anita  Witham   DID  NOT  DESERVE to be  WIPED  OUT.

To ALL  Members of the  New York State Assembly,
Can You imagine allowing 7,000,000 lbs of ice and snow to FREEZE in around Your Windows at Your House and then have that  GARGANTUAN  MASS  Raised and Lowered  ripping, crushing and shredding Your Family’s Homes  ?    Imagine what 7,000,000 lbs  of  Ice and Snow would do to the Office Buildings or the  State  Capital  Buildings.
This matter is  REAL,  FACTUAL and ONGOING.    Clifford and Anita Witham DID NOT DESERVE to repeatedly have Their Docks and Marina destroyed by those  PUMPING the Lake George Ice Sheet for  Lots and Lots and Lots of MONEY.

The MASSIVE  Flushing Operations of  Huge Amounts of  Mill Wastes, Sewage, Leachate and all kinds of  Chemicals etc etc  has for decades been done using the  STATE’S   Flusher Mechanism  DAM  ”  A  ”  at the  Exit of Lake George.   The UNBELIEVEABLE Poisoning of  Lake Champlain, NY  has in great part been just ONE of the results.    Massive  Boat House and Dock Damage  caused by the  Winter Ice Manipulations …… DESTROYED Our Family Financially.   I am asking New York State and It’s Corporate Partners to TAKE RESPONSIBILTY for the  Destructive Manner   DAM ” A  ”  is allowed to operate and  BEFORE  a  DAM FAILURE OCCURS …..  Address the  Fact that Dam “A”  is less than  1/2  The  Dam it should be  according to the  State’s Own  Engineering and Dam Safety Reports.
Warren County, Queensbury, Essex County and many many many others across the  State and now ALL ACROSS THE WORLD ….. Understand …….  My  Mother and Father  and so many others  DID  NOT  DESERVE to Have Their Marinas,  Boat Houses or  Docks   SHREDDED  while others  Generated Power,   Flushed Vast Wastes into Champlain  and used Lake George to  ENVIRONMENTALLY  Flush the  Sewage from Lake George.
The  INVESTIGATION  AND  FACTS  I have  assembled  reveal …… The  Historical  Record   as   THE  STATE’S   AG and  Conservation  Department and even  Warren County  Grand  Juries  have witnessed.   The  State’s own experts reveal …… I know  precisely what it is that  DESTROYED   The Witham Family Marina  at  Harris  Bay  over and over and over.
Thank You

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Subject: 7,000,000 lbs of ice and snow …. With Scienter …. Winter Ice and Snow Drawdowns Lake George
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Cc: Richard Hayes Phillips <>,, “” <>,,

Dear  Elaine,  April etc etc  Post Star, Dan Stec,  Betty Little  Et All
The  Historical Records of  Warren County,  Queensbury, New York State need to relect that The NYS  Forest Preserve, Conservation Commission,  DEC,  Warren County, Essex County and the State of  Vermont   with  The  POST STAR and Lake George Mirror  etc  etc  etc   NOW  fully realize  that   The Swamp, East Shores Harbour  at  Harris  Bay,  Built by and Operated by  Clifford and Anita Witham was repeatedly destroyed by  INTENTIONAL  Lake  Ice and Snow  manipulations that have been done with SCIENTER for  decades.    Clifford  and Anita Witham and  Family were  NOT  Financial Losers or  Deadbeats …..  Their Marina was  REPEATEDLY  destroyed by the  State of  New York and Their Partners
SEE     Imagine  what 7,000,000 lbs of  Ice and Snow would do to the  Municiple  Center or Bud York’s Office,  DEC’s  Raybrook  Office …..  Imagine 7,000,000 lbs of  Ice and Snow for  Cuomo’s  House  …….  The  Secret Government Takings of  New York State ……  Like  Thieves in the Night ……  New York’s  Crimes and how They Are Secreted …….
I  know  what  Warren  County  and  Queensbury  Officials  or  say  Ticonderoga or  Essex County Officials  KNOWINGLY  have been doing  IN THE  WINTER  WITH  THE  ICE  and  SNOW on  Lake  George.
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Date: Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 7:31 AM
Subject: With Scienter …. Winter Ice and Snow Drawdowns Lake George
To:,,, Records _Access <>,, Ken Tingley <>
Cc: “LaFarr, James A.” <>,, “Miller, Kristy” <>
To all,  New York State,  Town of Queensbury,  Basil Seggos,  Eric Schneiderman
My Family and  Friends
What is abundantly obvious is the  Conservation Commission,  DEC ,  EVCON and the  Witnesses and Lawyers or New York State as well as  the  Lake George Park Commission,  Lake  George Association and many many others understand is,
Raising and Lowering  ICE AND  SNOW on Lake George  Destroys  Islands, Shoreline, Boat Houses and Docks.  Enormous Historical Records reveal that  DEC, EVCON and the  Conservation Commission, Warren County and  Queensbury  have known about this or  decades.
Succinctly stated …… The  Draining of  water for Electrical Generation and to Flush Ticonderoga’s Sewage and the Mill Wastes from the  ” Poop Chute River ”  to Lake Champlain   DURING THE WINTER is the reason Lake George   ICE AND SNOW SHEET is  intentionally  LOWERED as well as  RAISED during the  WINTER ICE and SNOW Cover.
I am positive  DEC and  Governor  Cuomo, Basil Seggos,  Eric Schneiderman and the  Court Houses  EVERYWHERE would really get this concept  “IF”   Millions and  Millions of  Pounds of  Ice and Snow were  BY DESIGN and Intentionally DROPPED for instance on the  Roof of  the  State  Capital,  DEC Buildings,  Sheriffs  Offices or say  Town of Queensbury  Buildings.  ” IF ”  Millions  and  Millions of pounds of ice were  PURPOSELY employed to  CRUSH  State and County Buildings or Say  Federal Government Buildings ……   EVERYONE would get WHY INTENTIONAL  LAKE  DRAINING DURING  ICE AND SNOW COVER is so extremely  DESTRUCTIVE.
The  Pinhole in the Bathtub  as  Lake George Park Commission describes it ….. is revealed by the  DAM SAFETY REPORTS and DAM SAFETY  Inspections on the  ” SO CALLED ”   Pinhole in the  Bathtub.   What LGPC is describing are  FLUSHING / DRAINING  Apparatus  (  Dam and Penstock )   Intentionally designed and built to  POND BACK WATER.  Pond Back the Mill Pond to  EXPLOIT the  Horsepower of Lake George.   The NYS  Dam Safety  and  the  US  ARMY  etc etc  have known that the   DRAINING /  FLUSHING  mechanism  is  wholly  INADEQUATE and UNSAFE for a long time.
One Acre of 16″ Ice and 12 Inches of Snow  weighs  3,500,000  lbs.   The area around the Witham Marina alone was about 7,000,000 lbs.   I wonder “IF”    Governor  Cuomo’s Mansion or the Courts, Town Buildings could stand up to  7,000,000 lbs of  Ice and Snow being  INTENTIONALLY  Lowered by the  Government ?

In closing   New York State and ENEL, Systems Properties and International Paper with  Ticonderoga’s, Essex and Warren County’s   Intentional  DRAWDOWN  FLUSHINGS …..  That’s  what  destroyed  Clifford  and  Anita  Witham  Financially  …….  THE  STATE and it’s  PARTNERS  had  NO RIGHT to conceal their actions and certainly NO RIGHT to destroy other Public and Private Property for the Corporations could  MAKE MONEY and Environmentally  FLUSH into Lake Champlain.
I’m pretty sure  the  District Attorney,  Sheriff and State Police understand what  HIDING from Liability is about   ……..  The  LOG  BAY  DAY  TRADGEDY  with that Family from California  certainly establishes  that  That.
My Parents  Did  NOT do anything except  sustained the  DAMAGES from the Intentional  Winter Time  Lake  Manipulations.    New York  needs  to  make restitution and amends for what New York State  ” DOES ON PUPOSE ”    See  With  Scienter
Judson Witham
Estate of  Clifford and Anita Witham and  Family

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