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to little, StecD, Timothy, georgia, Ken, Kristy, John, jjohns, James, Carol, Richard
Dear Mr. Stec, Ms. Little Et Al,
As everyone knows by now, I was raised at Goodman Street and Cunningham Ave and at Harris Bay on Lake George. The Stecs and Stewarts and others know the Witham Family that built the Premier Marina on Lake George back in the 1950s.
This matter involves DIGITAL and ELECTRONIC Mapping and IMAGING of Lake George being Paid For With State Revenues and Federal Revenues and the Operations by CHINESE OWNED IBM with the RPI University on Lake George.
To get straight to the point, I know well the implications of a DIGITAL SENSOR ARRAY being installed on Andia’Ta’Roc’Te …… The Adirondack Indians Lake. I am also well informed of the GARGANTUAN Leaching Chemicals and Sewage that is KILLING LAKE ANDIA’TA’ROC’TE.
As a kid back in the 1960s ….. I personally plugged tons of Ports where Marine Holding Tanks were FLUSHED into Lake George and today I am astutely aware of the Pollution of Andia’Ta’Roc’Te being FLUSHED by DEC and the Lake George Park Commission into the La Chute River. I spent many years building Camps and Septic Systems all over the BEDROCK Lake Basin …… Trust Me I am well informed.
RPI and Darrin Fresh Water has to sign contracts to take PUBLIC FUNDS. The People’s Republic Army of China that owns and finances LENOVO and IBM have a history of COMMUNIST STYLE INSTALLATION of Surveillance Arrays and Monitoring Systems LIKE the Jefferson Project. The ILL’s Of Lake George ….. ALBEIT ….. reduced and negated by the YEARLLY FLUSHINGS to the La Chute River and Ticonderoga’s SEWAGE and the MILLS Flushing into NEW YORK STATE’s Lake Champlain is a GROSS and SURREAL Crime against Humanity. Champlain is a New York Lake.
SEE The Following Collection of Historical Records and all the PHOTOS of the MEGGA MESS in Lake George, La Chute and , Champlain
The Contour Mapping and Topo Mapping of the Lake George Basin has been paid for with PUBLIC REVENUE. I requested this information to RESOLVE and FIX the Giant Mess in the Andia’Ta’Roc’Te Basin.
I was LIED TO by New York State and It’s Contractors regarding the GRANTS RPI and Darrin Freshwater have TAKEN and RECIEVED. SEE THE LETTER BELOW.
Currently as a Glens Falls Indian and as a Lake George Warrior I am requesting that DEC, LGPC, RPI, the United States Department of the Interior and US Army Corp of Engineers as well as Governor Cuomo, Basil Seggos, Eric Schneiderman, New York Dam Safety Engineers and Generally the State of New York make available the Topo and Contour Mapping of the Andia’TA’Roc’Te Lake George, Lake Bottom.
I am also requesting from the State of New York, DEC. LGPC, Warren County, Queensbury, Lake George, Bolton and Ticonderoga as well as New York State ….. The FLUSHING OPERATIONS that have been causing the Property Damage on Lake George for so many decades, even nearly TWO CENTURIES.
As a Young Man ….. I worked for several DOCK and BOAT HOUSE repair Contractors and TRUST ME ….. I understand the VAST Destructive Forces involved with ICE and SNOW SHEET manipulations and That Systems Properties, ENEL Power, International Paper and New York State have been INTENTIONALLY doing this for many many years.
Mr. Stec, Kate Hogan, Amy Bartlett, Judge John Hall, Warren County Supervisors, Mr. Coolidge, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Warren, Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Weed and plenty of Glens Falls Bankers and the Insurance Agency with Charlie Tuttle, the Masons and Meads and ESPECIALLY Judge Richard Bartlett and David Robert Stewart Et Al Etc …… POST STAR now realize THE TRUTH IS LOOSE.
FLUSHING LAKE GEORGE of Sewage is Not a Laughing Matter.
Please Cooperate With this FOIL and FOIA Request. The FACTS reveal the STONEWALLING and REFUSING to comply with New York Open Records and US Open Records laws has resulted in nearly ZERO cooperation by the above State and County Offices as well as IBM, RPI and Darrin Freshwater JEFFERSON PROJECT.
In point of fact …… The Vast Pollution Flushing to La Chute and Champlain is as well POISONING those New York State Water Bodies.
Thank You for your cooperation
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From: SwampFox <>
Date: Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 6:56 AM
Subject: FOIL response FRAUD
It seems that RPI received $500,000 Grant and RPI Accepted It. I was MIS INFORMED in connection with this FOIL RPI and Darrin had NOT taken the $500,000 Grant. I am aware there are OTHER Grants as well.
Specifically the Contour and Topo Mapping of Lake George is being generated with part of the GRANT. The Granted Project was FUNDED under certain terms. The Work is suppose to be GENERALLY accessible per the GRANT CONTRACT. RPA and DARRIN are NOT abiding by those terms.
The Lake Modeling and Depths Imagery collected with the $500,000 Grant is required to be available to THE PUBLIC. The State of New York required RPI to sign a Contract when accepting the Half Million Dollars.
Maybe the State of New York wants to produce it’s records and files on the GRANT CONTRACT. I am requesting them AGAIN from the State and It’s Grant Programs. RPI and Darrin Freshwater gets Grant Money …… Please produce the Grant Amounts and TERMS and CONDITIONS for the GRANTS
Why would DASNY give RPI and Darrin Freshwater Grants under SIGNED Contracts and then DENY that ?
What other GRANTS does RPI receive from DASNY and HEcap ?
The Grants They receive please provide them per FOIL and FOIA
Judson Witham