So lets see  what  ALL  that  Public  Revenue is  Buying and  Producing

Warren County Board of Supervisors,  Sheriff Bud York,  Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Steve Stockdale,  Major  James A Lafarr,  Amy Bartlett,  District Attorney  Kat Hogan, Governor  Andrew Cuomo,  Mr.  Basil Seggos,  Dan Stec, Ms. Little   etc etc  Et Al

The Endless Secrecy and Hide the  Pee  and  Hide  the  Pooh  Games  EXPOSED


Dr.  Richard  Hayes  Phillips,  Georgia Witham,  Family and  Friends,

Pay Very Close Attention

STEALING AND  HIDING AND  SECRETING   ENVIRONMENTAL  GRANTS  FROM  NYS  AND  THE  FEDERAL  GOVERNMENT  ……..   Oh  Really ……  How  Interesting.   MAYBE  DASNY  and  the  DEC and  EPA  and  the  Fund for Lake George would care to explain  DAVID  WICK

Lake George Mayor Blais said Tuesday that Decker had accompanied him to the state capital just two weeks ago to address the state legislature in an effort to seek grant funding for improvements to the village’s wastewater treatment plant. Decker wrote a grant application seeking as much as $9 million to upgrade the plant, and Blais said that Decker accomplished that grant-writing work at no charge to the village.

So let Me get this straight ……  ALL  The  FOIL  Requests I have made and  ALL of  those were IGNORED  but  Walt Lender of the Lake George Association  has received  FOIL  records ?   Exactly when  did  Walt Lender  submit  FOILS  and  Why are  His  Granted  and  MINE  IGNORED ?    Maybe  the  LENDER and WHITEHEAD MATERIALS  need  to  be  produced as  MY  FOILS have been ignored for  YEARS.    YES  Per  FOIL  produce all  the  results of  the  LENDER  FOILS please.

Lake George watershed group director accused of fraud – Times Union

Mar 2, 2017 – The executive director of the Lake George Watershed Coalition was arrested at his Burnt Hills home on Wednesday on a fraud charge, Warren …

Local leaders chart new course after lake coalition director’s arrest …

4 days ago – LAKE GEORGE — Stunned with the arrest of a leading coordinator of … alleging he stole nearly $70,000 in federal grant funds intended to reimburse work … represents municipalities surrounding Lake George as well as state …

State funding pushes Lake George research project to finish – Times …

Feb 8, 2016 – On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo … State funding pushes Lake George research project to finish. Effort to … To qualify for the state grant, RPI, IBM, and the Fund for Lake George pledged $1.5 million, he added. Twenty of the …

Dr. James Sutherland | Save Lake George : The Fund for Lake George …

Developed original New York State lake association database and … Lakes Program and secured funding ($367,000 Federal) to conduct Lake George Phase II …

NYS Environmental Protection Fund Grants Announced: LGLC …

May 2, 2016 – The grant funds will help the land trust complete more land conservation … protection and outreach programs at Lake George and throughout the State.” … NYS DEC Press Release:

News | Jefferson Project at Lake George

New York State Supports Jefferson Project with $500,000 grant … Nierzwicki-Bauer was recently honored by The FUND for Lake George with the James D. … Landmark Report on the State of Lake George Water Quality Reveals Threats … a federal agency and one of thesingle largest sources of funds for scientific research, …

Warren County Sheriff’s Office
Press Release

Incident Number…..: 2016-16362

Type of Incident …..: Fraud arrest

Date of Incident ……:Investigation includes 2001 though 2016

Overview …………..:

DAVID J. DECKER, 67 years of age, of 11 Ramble Lane, Burnt Hills, was arrested and charged following an ongoing investigation into Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) grants administered by the Lake George Watershed Coalition and DECKER, who is the Director of that organization.

DECKER was charged with Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the First Degree, a class E felony, Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree, a class E felony, and Grand Larceny in the Second Degree, a class C felony.

The complaints allege that he submitted false documentation to the Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board for reimbursement for services related to the Gaslight Village project in the amount of $69,156.30.

Business records obtained by subpoenas and search warrants reflect that bills for reimbursement for these specific services was also submitted to, and paid by, the Town of Queensbury as part of a different $295,000 grant.

The investigation is continuing and involves the reviewing multiple additional invoices submitted and contracts awarded without the required bidding process pursuant to General Municipal Law sections 103 and 104, and additional charges are expected.

DECKER was arraigned in Lake George Town Court and remanded to the Warren County Correctional Facility in lieu of $5,000 cash or $10,000 bond and was directed to reappear on March 30, 2017 at 9 AM.

The investigation is being conducted by Warren County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Unit.

See More

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Job threatened of leader in protection of Lake George | Local | poststar ……lake-george/article_a7ff2732-7021-11e4-9a01-effb5f33379f.html

Nov 19, 2014 – Several sources have told The Post-Star the administration of Gov. …. Fund for Lake George Executive Director Eric Siy said he is “mystified by the situation.” … The state agency was established in 1961, with a mission to preserve …. that the best use of funding at this time is for continued scientific study on …

State, Department of – Division of the Budget

funded from fees and other income, 54 percent from Federal grants, and 11 percent … the Department’s appropriations contain funds for the Lake George Park.

SwampFox <>

5:29 PM (11 minutes ago)

to, FOIL, records.access, R5.UMP, Darla, wcso, James, access.records, Carol, Sarah, georgia, Kristy, Keith, Ken, Records, Richard, Annette, Margaret, Margaret, Marisa, Lake, townclerk, Vinnie


Dear Sheriff  Bud York,  Major  James  Lafarr ,   Kat Hogan  Warren County District Attorney  and  Warren County Supervisors,  Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Steve Stockdale  etc et al,
GREETINGS   Lt. Steven Stockdale  Sheriff  York, Major LaFarr  Et Al    (TOM WEST  ESQ  Fund for Lake George)
It is the focus of this correspondence to ask for all  Records and Files  asked for and produced to THE LAKE GEORGE ASSOCIATION ……  Travis Whitehead’s research  and  the  materials, records and files  asked for and produced.    EPA,  DEC,  RPI, Darrin Fresh Water,  DASNY  and others have provided  many many  many  MILLIONS  in public Grants across  the  Lake George Park  and the  Adirondacks.
Note ….  Many in Warren County and Albany, Raybrook, Warrensburg and Troy USGS Margret Phillips and Doctor  Richard Phillps etc. are very well aware of  My FOILS and  FOILs.
As  You all know I have been seeking  GRANT  FUND  FOIAs  ,  FOILS and  Public Funding Information  ,  Files and Records regarding Public Revenues and Environmental Groups from New York State and DASNY for some time. ( Well over 3  years  )
I am seeking ALL  FOIL  correspondence generated by  and  FOIL  /  FOIA  materials and responses/ materials produced   to  Travis Whitehead.   It seems very STRANGE  that ALL MY EFFORTS  have been ignored and stifled  BUT  the  Materials produced to  Travis Whitehead   are at this time  DEMADED per  FOIL.   I am  certain  Warren County Sheriff’s  Office  and  the Warren County Supervisors,  DASNY , ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS,  EPA, NOAA, Town and Village of  Lake  George ……  especially  Mayor  Bob Blais and  Mr. Crocitto  ,  Murisa Muratory and Margret Mannix,  State Rep Stec, Senator  Little and  Major James Lafarr,  the  US  Marshalls  and  State Police  Detectives  are very very well aware of My  FOIAs  and  FOILs.  RPI and  DARRIN FRESH WATER,   Lake George Association  amongst many many many others  certainly are.
The  FUND  FOR LAKE GEORGE,  DARRIN  FRESH WATER INSTITUTE,  RPI  UNIVERSITY as well as Lake George Basin Park and Lake Programs that are funded with GRANTS and STATE  REVENUES have all been requested to produce  Records and Files  associated with the  ENVIRONMENTAL  OPERATIONS IN THE LAKE GEORGE BASIN.   I would add ALL ACROSS  THE  ADIRONDACKS.


I have never received ANY COOPERATION from DASNY  or  DEC nor the  EPA.   Their  SILENCE has been  deafening.   Apparently   FOILs  and  FOIAs  from   Walter  Lender have been produced.    THIS  FOIL  seeks  the  FOILS  and  FOILS of any kind  that  Warren County  Supervisors, Lake George Association,  Lake George Park Commission or ANY OTHER  FOILS  that have been granted seeking information on these  GRANT PROGRAMS  funding  Land Conservancy, Funds for Lake George,  RPI, Darrin Fresh Water of LAND PURCHASING in the  Lake George Region and Adirondacks  GENERALLY.
The records of the  Warren County Supervisors,  Kat Hogan’s Office, DEC of  New York  and  DASNY are particularly sought  as ……. MY EFFORTS to obtain records on the   LAKE  DILUTIONS  and  LAKE ICE FLUCTUATIONS associated with  The Operations of  the  Pin Hole in the  Bath Tub  have  ALL  BEEN  IGNORED  by  Dave Wick as well as  DEC.
Kristy Miller with the  Warren County Supervisors has done a  good job I feel assisting.   Mayor  Bob Blais’s office and the  Darrin Fresh Water, RPI, Fund for Lake George,  Lake George Association,  DEC,  Region 5 Raybrook and the  APA  have all ASSERTED The 5th Amendment and have never cooperated at all.    DASNY even advised Me that  Darrin Fresh Water  has never been given any GRANTS  and  the  State of  New York has advised  RPI and others  GRANT Records  do  NOT exist.  EPA has essentially  remained  SILENT.
Lake George Lake Bottom Topography and Lake Bottom Mapping and Imagery is especially sought to  access the  LAKE’s  CONTAMINATION  Levels.    DASNY  and  DEC  ,  RPI ,   Darrin Fresh Water,  Lake  George Association and FUND for Lake George all run on PUBLIC  MONEY.  The  Lake  George Land Conservancy and many many many OTHER  Land Acquisition Corporations operating in the Adirondacks  Records being  PUBLICALLY FUNDED ……  Need  to  be  secured and  FULLY AUDITTED.   My suggestion is  LOTS OF  MONEY is  being IMPROPERLY  Accounted for  AND OBVIOUSLY …….  Diluting, Flushing and Lowering Lake George Ice Sheets for  decades have caused  VAST  DAMAGES  to  Property on Lake George. 
In closing …..  Clifford and Anita Witham’s  Marina was  destroyed many years in a row by  WINTER TIME  ICE AND SNOW  ”  Drawdowns ”  using what Dave Wick refers to as  the  PIN HOLE in the  Bath Tub  at Ticonderoga.  That Pin Hole is an INADEQUATE SYSTEM and the  US  Army Corp of Engineers  and  NOAA have those records.

SEE …….  according to county Board of Supervisors Chairman Ron Conover, a member of group.Many thousands of dollars on various environmental projects stretching back to the mid-2000s has yet to be reimbursed by state and federal agencies who had pledged grants for the work, officials said.

This unfinished work on pending grants is to be split between Dave Wick, executive director of the Lake George Park Commission, and Walt Lender of the Lake George Association, Conover said,


ALL INFORMATION on  Grants  Past  and  Pending are requested  AGAIN.   I have requested this  GRANT information for some time.  WALT LENDER’s  efforts  and  the  results of  those  efforts  NEED TO BE PRODUCED.   The Lake George Association also needs to be  FULLY Investigated as does the  FUND FOR LAKE GEORGE.   The  Lake Level Operations yes of course  BUT  all  the  State and Federal  Grant information and WORK PRODUCT need to be produced.


Thank You

Judson Witham

Son of the  Swamp Fox

School of the Very High Mountains Andia’Ta’Roc’Te


MANY MANY PEOPLE HAVE  FRAUDULENTLY  ACUSED ME OF  HARASMENT and  WORSE.   I think  LOT Of PUBLIC  Grant Money and other Resources and Valuable Materials have as well been  MISAPPROPRIATED.   Mayor Blais’s  Office  and  the  Dave Wick Office of  LGPC  and  Region 5  Raybrook,  DEC,  RPI, DASNY and others need to  open Their Records and Files ……  FOIA  and  FOIL  are  the  Law.

Judson Witham

Son of the  Swamp Fox



On Sun, Mar 12, 2017 at 9:26 AM, SwampFox <> wrote:

The INTENTIONAL  DRAWDOWNS, FLUSHINGS and DILUTIONS on Lake George   …..   Those  Records  and  Files  are as well  DEMANDED  Per  FOIL  and  FOIA.

I am very CONFIDENT  that  DEC  Directors  and  DAVE  WICK  the  DIRECTOR  of  the  Lake  George  Park  Commission  have  calculations and all sorts of  files and records on the  INTENTIONAL   Dilution, Drawdowns and  Flushings.
NOTE  the  US  ARMY  and  NYS  Dam Safety Inspections  of  Dam # 230  are  self  explanatory.
NOTE ……  The  AMAZING  ABILITY of  Lake  George  and  the  LaChute to  CLEANSE   THEMSELVES   ??????     Sorta Like  Putting about  200   Tons of  Ice  on the  Warren County  Municipal  Building …….  That would  be  a  Huge  CRUSHING  EVENT.
LAKE GEORGE PARK COMMISSION Contact Us George Park Commission 75 Fort George Road, PO Box 749. Lake George, New York 12845 … Commission Staff. David Wick – Executive Director