The Great Adirondacks Heist ….. REEs Minerals and Mobsters

UPDATE:   The  OBELISK   Society  (  Penis of  Nimrod )  The MOB in the North Country  THAT’s Been  CONTROLLING  THE  SHOW … Exposed

  1. Queensbury considers easing way for mining –…

    20 hours ago · QUEENSBURY — The town is considering a change that would remove one step in the process by which mines could operate near houses. While the change would arguably make it easier to expand mines near residences, it would not make it much easier. Supervisor John Stroughargued that it was not a …

    • Queensbury considers easing way for mining

      Queensbury considers easing way for mining

      Olean Times Herald· 21 hours ago

      John Strough argued that it was not a meaningful change, but town attorney Mark Schachner said the change was significant enough to postpone a public hearing that had been planned for …

  2. Fort Miller asking to expand mining near Ridge Road homes ……

    QUEENSBURY — Fort Miller is asking to expand mining behind Dream … They voted unanimously— with Supervisor John Strough absent — to send the request to the ..



Yea Shall NOT  Worship the Obelisk

What does the BIBLE Say about  SPIRES ? ( Obelisks )



Good Ole  NUCLEAR ALLEY   Aye  Sheriff  BUD YORK

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3:23 PM (3 minutes ago)

to JamesTravisgeorgiaBrianMargaretMargaretMarisaEllenAnn, bcc: Sarah, bcc: Sarah, bcc: Kim

HUDSON   RIVER  CAKE  TO  NUCLEAR  ALLEY …..  CLINTONS,   CUOMO, OBAMA and  the  NUCLEAR   ALLEY  ENRICHMENT  at  Eunice  NM  and Andrews  Texas  …..   HMMM   What is  BLEEDING  out of  the  ADIRONDACKS   and  CHAMPLAIN  ?

SO LETS SEE The Sacandaga River and Lake are WHERE AGAIN ? 

Extraction Thorium and Uranium from  MONAZITE

Monazite Sands

The Adirondacks and Green Mountains,  Champlain and Hudson Valleys  are  LOADED with Radioactive Materials

Radioactive   Monazite

     Monazite sands are the principal commercial source
of thorium and rare earth compounds. Thorium is also found
in thorite (55 per cent ThOg) and in orangite (JO per cent
Th02) (31). These minerals, however, are not of commercial
importance because of their limited The major constituents
of monazite sands are the orthophosphates of the
rare earths, comprising about 0 to 90 per cent of the total
weight (2y). Thorium is only a minor constituent and is
present in concentrations from 1 to l8 per cent. The
7 remaining constituents are small amounts of silica, zircon,
iron, aluminum, titanium, and uranium. The compositions
of monazlte sands from various sources are listed by
Mellor (29), Taggart (43), and George (21). Palache
(31) describes the monazlte sands as yellow to reddish-brown
in color, and as being very hard and brittle. The specific
gravity is 5.0-5.2, and the sands are moderately paremagnetic.
The crystllllne form is monocllnlc.

     Monazite sands are widely distributed. Workable deposits
are found in India, Brazil, Sourth Africa, Malay States,
Australia, Russia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina,
Idaho, and Wyoming. Monazlte is usually found in alluvial
sands, and is associated with other minerals, such as ilmenlte,
zircon, rutlle, garnet, and quartz. Very few deposits contain
over 20 per cent monazlte and most of the domestic
sources contain only 0.1 to one per cent monazlte. At the
present time it is too expensive to mine the monazlte sands
for themselves alone. Most producers rely on the by-product
ilmenlte, zircon, gold, and silver to defray part of the
mining costs (27).

     Separation from the accompanying minerals is accomplished
first by tabling to remove the lighter minerals, and then
by magnetic concentration. The ilmenlte, magnetite, and
garnet are removed on the lower Intensity poles, and the
monazlte and small amounts of zircon and rutlle are
8 removed on the higher intensity poles. The tailings consist
mostly of gold, residual quartz, feldspar, etc.
Flotation, electrostatic separation, and heavy media separation
may also be used to concentrate the raonazite sands (43).

The Lake George and Lake Champlain Region is  FULL of  Monazite and other Radioactive  RARE EARTHS

A rare-earth bearing pegmatite at the southeastern edge of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State was discovered by the author in the Fall of 1958. It includes a suite of rare-earth minerals including uraninite, uranophane, sklodow-skite, fergusonite, kasolite, lanthanite, cyrtolite, thorite (uranothorite), four-marierite, monazite, allanite, and zircon in addition to the normal pegmatite minerals, feldspar, quartz, biotite and tourmaline. Pyrrhotite dikes transect the pegmatite body. This represents the first known occurrence of fergusonite, kasolite, thorite (uranothorite), fourmarierite, sklodow-skite, uranophane, montmorillonite and spodumene in New York State, and the first recorded occurrence of uraninite within the complex eastern Adirondack Pre-cambrian formations.

The uraninite, fergusonite, thorite, monazite, allanite, and zircon as well as the more abundant microdine, biotite, quartz and tourmaline crystallized as primary constituents of the pegmatite. The uranophane, kasolite, fourmarierite, and lanthanite are products of secondary alteration of the uraninite and allanite respectively by silica and calcium-rich circulating meteoric waters.



The Grid Flying Geo-Prospecting Planes of the Adirondacks

My Grandfather the Engineer / Scientist

George Strong Witham Sr.


The Investigative Resources You Need  Begin Here


THE  DEC  and  USGS  and  like  NYSGS   with  Cuomo, Rockefeller and Schneiderman  FORGOT to tell You how  VALUABLE  that  Hudson River Cake  Is.

The  Corporations and Financiers  BEHIND  THE  GREEN  CURTAIN

For  Your  Mothers  and  the  Teachers

The Treasure Trove is NO LONGER A SECRET

Further, Adirondack Wild expects that scientific surveys be done on Forest Preserve affected by a proposed amendment to determine if the lands harbor valuable natural resources or wildlife habitats. Those scientific surveys require time to complete and the results considered, considerably more time than a constitutional convention would allow.

“On balance, the legislative process is much preferred to a convention because of the time two legislatures allow to consider, deliberate, study and decide if exceptions to our irreplaceable Forest Preserve are in the public’s interest,” Adirondack Wild’s Gibson concluded.



MONETIZING THE ENVIRONMENT ….. GREEN IS THE NEW RED ……. The Sanctity of the 3rd 4th and 5th Amendments are being destroyed by the Worst Invasive Specie Imaginable …… Money Grubbing, Wallet Fleecing, Park Monetizing, Investment Banker Financed, WILD BEASTS of the NWO Agenda 21 Crowd …… Trust Me ……. The GREEN is the New Red. I say PROTECT the CONSTITUTION against the Rabid and Wild …….. SEE FEUDAL LAND SYSTEMS , PATROONS and RENTS …… THE ROYAL FORESTS OF ENGLAND …….. BAVARIAN ENVIRONMENTALISM

Wilderness always involves  OTHERS  Land


See the Last of the Page for How These Prospector’s Planes Function

The Continuing Saga of  HUDSON RIVER CAKE  Dewatering Filter Presses and that LONG EXPENSIVE  TRAIN RIDE to  EXTRACTION LAND

Being a Glens Falls Indian and a Lake George Warrior and born just West of the Glens Falls/South Glens Falls Bridge on the North Side of the Hudson River ……..  I know a  thing or  two about a thing or two.


The   Western States  are  FULL  of  Geophysical  Science  just like the  ADIRONDACKS

  The  Study Commission for the Future of the Adirondacks  WHAT A HOOT

The  Leprechauns  NEVER want You to know  where THEIR  Gold is  Hidden

Hochschild and Rothschild, Rockefeller’s   MINER  46  ers  ……  Imagine  That




What is  washing down the Streams, Creeks and Rivers in the  BLUE LINE of the Adirondacks Park ….. Lots more than the  State and Federal Government care to tell You about.   NYS  DEC and  Their  SUNY and RPI Research Scientists are MUM


SAND SILT AND SEDIMENT HARVESTING IN THE ADIRONDACKS    …   Gee Golly Whiz Imagine all those Sediment Basin and Sediment Traps and SAND BARS being Harvested by the LAKE GEORGE CABAL …….. David  Decker and the  Crew

IT’s   Wake Up Time in the  Adirondack  Mountains

BREAKING NEWS  the  Hudson River is  Full of  extremely valuable Sand and Sediments   …….  Is  New York State  CLEANING UP  ??

Harold  Simmon$    Want$  Lot$  More Contaminated $OIL$  from   $uper Fund$  $ites

Basil  Seggos   Hudson River Needs More  Dredging

ZEBRA MUSSELS and  MILFOIL  / Invasive Species  and Sand Bars or  Something More  VALUABLE

Precisely what does  AMAX and IMetals, NYCO and the  Rothschilds and Chinese Military know about the  REEs   and  Minerals, Metals of the  ADIRONDACKS



CRIMINAL COMPLAINT …… The Adirondacks HEIST ….. Under Everyone’s Noses

Suction Harvesting and Suction Dredging What a Coincidence

Check out ANDREWS TEXAS where all the Hudson River Silts and Sediments are being RAILLED TO ( Yup Shipped 2000 miles to ENRICHMENT LAND ) Get it ENRICHMENT LAND …..

IMAGINE  THAT  all that  Hudson River  REE  Mud and  Sediments  (   CAKE  )  being  Railed to   CENTRIFUGE  CENTRAL …….   Andrews  Texas 

WOW  what  an AMAZING  COINCIDENCE   Hudson River CAKE goes to  ENRICHMENT LAND ……  Who would have ever thought  ?


Cuomo and Schneiderman and Basil Seggos GOTTA Dig Out The WHOLE RIVER NOW ……. Go Figure Right

From Dublin Ireland   Huh Imagine  That   BOSTON  and  DUBLIN

Imagine  That  CASHMAN


Jay Cashman

Jay Cashman Construction. Company; Capabilities; Careers; Contact; Fleet; Capabilities. … and sand-mining projects throughout the Eastern Seaboard and coastal

YUP  SAND  MINING  the  HUDSON ……  Andy Cuomo and Basil Seggos want More and More and More of it for  the  Hudson   GEE   Imagine  That.

ASK  THE  TROY  PAPER ,  ALBANY TIMES  UNION,  The  POST  STAR  AND LIKE  LAKE  GEORGE  MIRROR  the Sacandaga River  has flowed into the  Hudson for what  20 Million  Years  …..   Ask   warren  County  DA   Kat  Hogan  and  Amy  Bartlett and  Sheriff  BUD  York .

The Science Behind the ProjectGreat Sacandaga The Science Behind the Project. Sandharvesting proposes a remedy to permanently deepen the lakebed of the Great Sacandaga Lake, a much smarter method of …

It’s  the  Queen  Mum’s  DIAMOND  JUBILEE

Gee  Golly the  Sacandaga  and Schroon Rivers and others all up and down the  Champlain Mohawk and Hudson Valleys  are full of  Minerals and Rare Earth

Interesting Registry for a  BARGE right ?

Arthur Michael Ambrosino   I did sample sediments from the Conklingville dam, down to the Hudson and the mineral suites were identical to what we find in the whole of the Sacandaga Basin. Given what I suspect are the same relative higher terranes north of the Sacandaga Basin shedding (eroding) into the Upper Hudson River Basin, the mineral wealth could well be at least as far north as Lake George, but I have not done any sampling to verify my suspicions….


Mining for Gold in Alaska Jay Cashman

… and an entire wash plant system for catching gold, … we determined that the Sam M. pushboat was not the best boat to tow the Jay Cashman dredge to Nome.



Western Dredging Association invites you to attend the …

Jay Cashman, Inc., USA … • Deep Sea Mining/Dredging … The Western Dredging Association is pleased to announce that the Hyatt Regency

Cashman Dredging & Marine to Work on Upper Hudson River

Cashman Dredging & Marine to Work on Upper Hudson River Project. GE is … GE has selected Cashman Dredging & Marine ContractingHudson River near Fort Edward


Harold Simmons‘ NL Industries Being Sued for Dumping ……

Harold Simmons‘ NL Industries Being Sued for Dumping Radioactive Material 70 … after billionaire Harold Simmons … the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was dredging


Look  at  those  Sand  Harvesters prepare another Load of  Dewatered  Cake  for  Harold  Simmons  and  Andrews  Texas  EXTRACTION (  Nah  They Would  Never  )

Can You Say  Gas Centrifuge and  Minerals  Extraction  and  REVOLVY   3  times  REALLY  FAST  ?

China and rare earths — more developments…/china-rare-earths-developments
These exotic materials are among the planet’s 17 rareearth … directly from the production of high efficiency centrifugal Enrichment concentration of rare

Rattehali Enrichment Facility | Facilities | NTI

Rattehali Enrichment Facility. … The plant is operated by Indian Rare Earths Limited … “India to equip centrifuge plant with improved rotor assemblies …


India’s Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Program

India’s Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Program: … Since 1984, India has procured for RMP through the DAE “front company” Indian Rare Earths (IRE) …

Have  Your  CAKE and High Efficiency  CENTRIFUGES  TO  ……  Andrews  Texas

The  nearly  LAUGHABLE Part is  Centrifuging Precious Metals, Rare Earths and Uranium in Andrews  is  Just a  Big  Mistake  ”   David  Decker  ”   would  say.

The Delivery

A second excavator moves the dirt from the barge to a facility where a dozen 32-ton filter presses, similar to those used in winemaking, squeeze water from the slurry. The resulting filter cake is sealed inside one of 450 plastic-lined railroad cars bound for Texas.

The Dump

In Andrews, Texas, more than 2000 miles away from Albany, the filter cake is carefully unwrapped and laid to rest in a very sophisticated hole in the ground. The landfill uses layers of mesh, clay and plastics to isolate the cakes from the surrounding soil, the water below and the air above.




Filter Cake Wash & Dewater | Specialty Chemicals Production

Kodak uses the Verti-Press Automatic Filter Press to filter, wash and dewater specialty … Projects: Filter Cake Wash & DewaterRare Earth Mineral Production.

Copper Concentrates Dewatering | Filter Press – Filtra-Systems

Falconbridge Limited uses the Verti-Press Automatic Pressure Filter to filter and dewater copper … Filter Cake Wash & DewaterRare Earth Mineral Production.

Rare Earth Mineral Production | Filter Press – Filtra-Systems

The Molycorp rare earth mine utilizes the Verti-Press tower filter press for the … Filter Cake Wash & Dewater … Filtering and dewatering of rare earth chlorides …

Verti-Press Automatic Tower Filter Press – Filtra-Systems

Filter Cake Wash & Dewater · Industrial Mineral … Rare Earth Mineral Production … In order to dewater slurry and form a filter cake, our inno Verti-Press …

Inline image 1

{“cl”:3,”cr”:9,”ct”:3,”id”:”KWpmKDQc7LuW5M:”,”oh”:366,”ou”:”“,”ow”:365,”pt”:”Rare Earth Mineral Production | Filter Press”,”rh”:”“,”ru”:”“,”st”:”Filtra-Systems”,”th”:90,”tu”:”\u003dtbn:ANd9GcRl1QRaBGifttVglcQa-qK9K4hfO-gGlzK639rOS5tDBewHq-Y9U8uUYWo“,”tw”:90}

Inline image 2

Inline image 3

Image result for Rare Earth Dewatering Filter Cakes

{“ct”:3,”id”:”PV9QHMDmhGwoyM:”,”oh”:390,”ou”:”“,”ow”:697,”pt”:”Pigment Production | Verti-Press Filter Press”,”rh”:”“,”ru”:”“,”st”:”Filtra-Systems”,”th”:90,”tu”:”\u003dtbn:ANd9GcQMPyjFnRZ3rodA1Vx40yzXKPOWhTZpIqMVvPCiLiUgpSGDT1QbDYHyVyAK“,”tw”:161}

Image result for Rare Earth Dewatering Filter Cakes

{“cb”:3,”id”:”oIs5EiQ9MKSMAM:”,”oh”:481,”ou”:”“,”ow”:771,”pt”:”Mining Ore Dewatering 8% Cake Moisture Ceramic Vacuum Disc Filter …”,”rh”:”“,”ru”:”“,”st”:”Alibaba”,”th”:90,”tu”:”\u003dtbn:ANd9GcSI8GAMOcaAX2rR9yqrfrT0FjbyetRG38M6us4qfkpERe1oxPE8HmTTXk4“,”tw”:144}
Inline image 4
More images for Rare Earth Dewatering Filter CakesReport imagesThank you for the feedback. Report another imagePlease report the offensive image. CancelDone

alternative additives to enhance slurry dewatering – FreePatentsOnline

Aug 27, 2015 – Dewatering processes such as filtration, with addition of a …. “Filter Cake” means the accumulation of solid matter that is retained on a filter, … rare earth metals, diamonds, sulfur, noble metals, ferrous minerals, cobalt, nickel, …

[PDF]Innovative Use of Screw Press Filtration in Tailings Dewatering Plant …

by VJ Absolon – ‎Related articles

tailings generated at the Mt Weld rare earth (RE) bearing mineral concentrator. … screw press to achieve a filter cake with greater than 50 per cent solids and …

Wastewater Reuse and Management – Page 269 – Google Books Result

Sanjay K. Sharma, ‎Rashmi Sanghi – 2012 – ‎Technology & Engineering

Filter medium Fig. 9.6 Magnetic field enhanced sludge dewatering [48, 152]. … A cross section of rare earth magnet has an arc of 120° designed and built by … magnetic field-enhanced cake filtration has been developed at the University of …

Vacuum ceramic filter used for industrial dewatering and dehydration …

China Vacuum ceramic filter BY-6-#3724 is supplied by ☆ Vacuum ceramic filter … coal, sulfur, silicon, quartz, mica, rare earth concentrate, tailings dewatering, … the filter plate submerged in the slurry forms layer of filter cake on its surface …

Responsible Mining: Case Studies in Managing Social & Environmental …

Michelle E. Jarvie-Eggart – 2015 – ‎Technology & Engineering

Flotation then separates the rareearth minerals in the ore from the tailings. … with each filter dewatering the thickened tailings to a “cake” consistency in a batch …


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SwampFox <>

5:17 AM (2 minutes ago)

to georgia, Sarah, Kristy, Marisa, Travis, Carol, wcso, James, Richard
Here is why the  HUDSON RIVER  is  really  being  VACUUM  CLEANED ……   YUP    Suction  Dredge  Mined ……    Basil  Seggos  DEC  DIRECTOR  claims the  Hudson needs  to  be  VACUMED    Deeper …….   LOL   Gee  Golly Whiz    Basil ….  the  Deeper  Yah  Go  there’s  where the  HEAVIER  ELEMENTS  Sink  First  Huh   Man.
The  VACUUM  CLEANING  MILFOIL  SUCTION  HARVESTING CREW OF  ZEBRA MUSSLES  and  Other Invasive  Species …….  Just Exactly  like  the  MINERS  DO IT

The Science Behind the Project – Great Sacandaga Lake …

OVERVIEW: THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE PROJECT. … The Sacandaga Reservoir and all the nearby communities, … Rare earth minerals.

Targeting  Land Owners  by  EVCON  …….   What possibly could the  MOTIVE  BE  ????
The Root of  ALL  Evil is ……   Mining The Precious Metals that are the Basis of  Money
Son of the  Swamp Fox

On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 6:54 AM, SwampFox <> wrote:

20,000,000  Tons  just in the  Sacandaga   ( Schroon River Deposits )
I suggest  David  Decker’s  group with the Lake George Association and lots of  SUNY Albany, Cornell,   DEC and many other  Environmental Gangs are pretty well aware of  the  Metals , Gems and Rare Earths in the  ADIRONDACK PARK.    Hochschild, Rockefellers and Rothschilds,  Barton Mining and  Emery’s  CERTAINLY ARE
Arthur Michael Ambrosino

TRER is a hardrock prospect.

The most promising prospect in the lower 48, is in upstate New York, in the Sacandaga Basin, where monazite and xenotime, roughly 45% & 55% respectively, are in great abundance. This is an unconsolidated deposit, approximately 55 feet deep down to bedrock and these two minerals are expected to produce more than 20,000,000Mt.


STRATEGIC METALS & Miner 46 rs imagine that SECRET METALS MINING with Oil Field Coring Results …… NAH They would never do that ……..

On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 3:53 AM, SwampFox <> wrote:

So lets see Who  David  Decker’s  Lake George Millionaire COHORTS are.  You now  MILLIONAIRES  ROW  and  the  Lake George Association and  all the Other  WATER ATLAS  CROWD.
AMAX  Hochschild IMetals Rothschild Mining
The  Miner  46 ers  from   DEC to RPI and of course  the  SUNY  Colleges
Fact is really simple ……  The  WATER SHEDS  are full of  this  stuff   JUST LIKE  THE  SACANDAGA  and  the  Hudson, Lake Champlain, Lake George SCHROON RIVER and all though the  ENTIRE  Lake George Association Water ATLAS ……..   David  Decker’s  COHORTS  from  Cornel, RPI, SUNY  and  DEC etc etc etc.
New York State  LIKE  AMAX, IMetals  and Barton Mines …..  many many many others as well   NOT Just  General Electric  and the  United States  Navy /   DOD.
See    Hercules  and  Imperial  for  STARTERS
JUDGE  RICHARD BARTLETT’s   CLIENTS  Imagine  That  the  Scientific Community of  the  Mining Industries /  Timber and Extraction Industry in America ……  TRUST ME.   AKA   ARROW  FINANCIAL and  Da  BOIZ  from  SWITZERLAND
CRIMINAL COMPLAINT …… The Adirondacks HEIST ….. Under Everyone’s Noses
SwampFox <>
Attachments3:14 AM (0 minutes ago)
to wcso, Richard, georgia,, access.records, R5Foil.foil, R5.UMP, StecD, little, Supervisor, Travis
Gee Golly Whiz ….. WE MUST DREDGE EVERYTHING …… Especially the HUDSON RIVER ( General Electric ) The High Tech Electronics BARONS of New York. Please reference the Sediment Trapping and Dredging Plans for the Lake George Basin versus The SAND HARVESTING for the Next River and Lake Over.
The TREASURE TROVE just West of Lake Champlain and Lake George ALONG THE HUDSON RIVER Treasure Trove.
PS …… Guess where the Queensbury MONEZITE SANDS ARE ……. HAHAHAHAHA Very Sneaky HUH
Mineral Sand Harvesting
Yah gotta have LOTS OF JUICE …… right through the middle of Lake Champlain and the Hudson River no less. LOL and the Rothschild’s IMetals Mobsters NYCO are right there in Whitehall NY
The RARE EARTH DEPOSITS in the Essex County, Washington County and Warren County ( QUEENSBURY AREA ) are well known to New York State and ESPECIALLY
On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 2:45 AM, SwampFox <> wrote:
Dear Lt. Stockdale, Sheriff York, Family and Friends,
The obvious thing is OPEN RECORDS requests are NOT honored by DEC, Lake George Lake Champlain Coalition, Lake George Association, RPI and several others. The SECOND OBVIOUS THING is , The one FOIL I did for My parents to DEC so many years ago was initially HONORED. When I travelled to Wolf Road DEC Headquarters TWO THICK FILES on My Parents and OUR LAND were produced. As I had just begun to review the files, I was INTERDICTED and within MINUTES Physically Attacked and the DOSSIERS violently taken from Me by DEC Law Enforcement Administration.
WHY ? I did NOT understand then BUT I am NOT 19 Years Old any more.
The fact of New York the EMPIRE’S activities regarding DEC has loads of secrets. The Lake George Lake Champlain Coalition, Lake George Water Keeper, Darrin Freshwater Institute and RPI have been up to some REALLY Sneaky Stuff with Their GANG of SUNY Scientists and DEC Alumni. The David Decker CAPERS are the mere TIP of the Iceberg.
My demand at this time is ……. RETURN THE WITHAM PROPERTY …….. The TWO THICK DOSSIERS reveal My Parents were TARGETTED for Their LAND. The reasons They were TARGETTED for Their Land are many. The INTENTIONAL Pump and Dump of the Lake George Levels were once before employed to ARTIFICIALLY Raise the Water on the Lake as high as 8 and 10 feet ……. MASSIVELY Flooding Northern Queensbury where it meets Lake George. Everyone knows between Ridge Road, Bay Road and North of Pickle Hill. The 1829 Newspaper Report shows 5,000 acres were flooded before 1829. I must assume that was JUDGE ISACC KELLOG and the Industrialists that began the EXTRACTION of the NEWLY AQUIRED INDIAN TERRITORY.
There are those that still believe this CRIME SPREE is justified and will be gotten away with, THINK AGAIN. There is ZERO Conviction Record on Clifford Witham for His efforts to BID on His Own Property during an UNLAWFUL FORECLOSURE SALE. He was VIOLENTLY ARRESTED, Imprisoned and then Kicked Loose, NO Reappearance or bond, NO Adjudication …… Just Violently Arrested. DEC needs to RETURN to the Witham Property what They STOLE. Oh and IF the Lake is returned to it’s NATURAL FORMER LEVEL …… The meadows and fields of North Queensbury will reappear from the ARTIFICIAL SUBMERGED STATE …….. They are in.
Judson Witham
Son of the Swamp Fox

SwampFox <>

Attachments3:14 AM (0 minutes ago)

to wcso, Richard, georgia,, access.records, R5Foil.foil, R5.UMP, StecD, little, Supervisor, Travis
Gee  Golly Whiz …..  WE  MUST  DREDGE  EVERYTHING ……  Especially  the  HUDSON RIVER (  General  Electric  )   The High Tech  Electronics  BARONS of  New  York.  Please  reference  the  Sediment Trapping and  Dredging Plans  for the  Lake  George  Basin   versus   The  SAND  HARVESTING  for the  Next River and Lake Over.
PS ……  Guess  where  the  Queensbury  MONEZITE  SANDS  ARE  …….    HAHAHAHAHA   Very  Sneaky  HUH
What’s sorta funny is    THE  CHAMPLAIN  HUDSON  POWER EXPRESS
Yah gotta have  LOTS  OF  JUICE ……  right through the middle of  Lake Champlain and the  Hudson River no less.    LOL  and  the  Rothschild’s   IMetals  Mobsters  NYCO are right there in Whitehall NY

The  RARE EARTH DEPOSITS in the  Essex County, Washington County and Warren County  ( QUEENSBURY AREA )  are well known to   New York State and ESPECIALLY 
On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 2:45 AM, SwampFox <> wrote:

Dear Lt. Stockdale, Sheriff York, Family and Friends,
The obvious thing is   OPEN RECORDS requests are NOT honored by DEC,  Lake George Lake Champlain Coalition, Lake George Association, RPI and several others.   The SECOND OBVIOUS THING is ,   The one FOIL I did for My parents to  DEC  so many years ago was  initially HONORED.   When I travelled to Wolf Road  DEC  Headquarters TWO THICK FILES on My Parents   and OUR LAND were produced.   As I had just  begun to review the files,  I was  INTERDICTED and within MINUTES Physically Attacked and  the  DOSSIERS  violently taken from Me by   DEC  Law Enforcement Administration.
WHY ?   I did NOT understand  then    BUT  I  am NOT  19  Years Old any more.
The  fact of  New York  the  EMPIRE’S  activities regarding  DEC has  loads of  secrets.   The Lake George Lake Champlain Coalition,   Lake George Water Keeper,  Darrin Freshwater Institute and  RPI  have been up to some  REALLY   Sneaky Stuff with Their  GANG of  SUNY  Scientists  and  DEC  Alumni.    The  David  Decker  CAPERS  are the mere  TIP of the  Iceberg.
My demand at this time is …….   RETURN THE  WITHAM PROPERTY ……..   The  TWO  THICK  DOSSIERS  reveal  My Parents were  TARGETTED  for  Their  LAND.    The  reasons They were TARGETTED for  Their Land are many.     The INTENTIONAL   Pump and Dump  of  the  Lake  George  Levels  were once before employed to  ARTIFICIALLY  Raise the Water on the Lake as high as  8 and 10 feet …….   MASSIVELY  Flooding   Northern Queensbury where it meets  Lake  George.   Everyone knows between Ridge Road, Bay Road and  North of  Pickle Hill.     The  1829  Newspaper Report shows  5,000 acres  were  flooded before  1829.    I must assume  that was   JUDGE  ISACC KELLOG and  the  Industrialists that began the  EXTRACTION of the  NEWLY AQUIRED  INDIAN TERRITORY.
There are those that still believe this  CRIME  SPREE is  justified and will be gotten away with,  THINK  AGAIN.   There is  ZERO  Conviction Record on  Clifford   Witham for His efforts to  BID on His  Own Property during an UNLAWFUL FORECLOSURE SALE.   He was   VIOLENTLY ARRESTED,  Imprisoned and then Kicked Loose,  NO  Reappearance or  bond,  NO Adjudication …… Just Violently Arrested.      DEC  needs  to   RETURN  to the  Witham Property what They STOLE.    Oh and  IF  the  Lake is returned to it’s  NATURAL  FORMER LEVEL ……   The  meadows and fields of  North Queensbury  will reappear  from the  ARTIFICIAL SUBMERGED STATE ……..   They are in.
Judson Witham
Son of the Swamp Fox

Those  Geophysical Planes / Flights over the Adirondacks  Imagine  That  The Glens Falls  Chronicle ( Mark  Mannix )  Should  explain

MAYBE  THE  NYSGS,  USGS and  DEC with the Lake George Association and RPI and  SUNY  NANOTECH  with  SUNY  CORNELL  would care to EXPLAIN ??


Paleomagnetism (or Palaeomagnetism in the United Kingdom) is the study of the record of the Earth’s magnetic field in rocks, sediment, or archeological materials.

DEC and  RPI with  The  Chinese Military  know  very very  WELL

        Repartitioning of rare-earth elements (REE) during the Grenville granulite facies metamorphism of Adirondack anorthosite has produced metamorphic minerals depleted in the heavy REE relative to concentrations predicted by igneous partition coefficients. The heavy- REE depletion is observed in garnet-bearing metamorphosed anorthosites and results from closed-system repartitioning of REE among heavy-REE-rich garnet and other recrystallizing minerals. The resulting heavy-REE-depleted patterns contrast with primary igneous mineral patterns, which conform to predictions from igneous partition coefficients. Whole-rock REE patterns of Adirondack anorthosites are not affected by the local REE rearrangement. Anorthosite REE patterns reflect their primary igneous mineralogy and are independent of any secondary metamorphic minerals formed during the Grenville metamorphic event. Consequently, the REE did not move more than a few centimetres during the granulite facies metamorphism.



Rare Earth ElementsRare Element Resources

Rare Earth Elements What are Rare Earths? … Rare earth elements are a set of seventeen chemical elements in the … supply reductions would trigger price

What are those  GEOPHYSICAL  PLANES  ACTUALLY DOING   Well  this  will Explain

Can  You Say  International Water ATLAS  and  GIS
This is what Millions of  Years of  Adirondacks Erosion Does ….  DFWI and RPI with  SUNY Know Like DEC

The  KA CHING  KA  CHING  KA  CHING  In The  Adirondacks Is  AMAZING

The  Sands, Sediments and  Gravels are  Very Well Known to the  MINER 46 ers of the  Adirondacks

The  More and More and More and MoreLAND   Scams of  the  BLUE LINE PARKS


NOAA Ocean Explorer: History: Age of Electronics (1946-1970)…

Age of Electronics (1946-1970) … deployed the first towed marine magnetometer, … Institution of Oceanography led two significant expeditions in the early 1950s.

EXACTLY WHAT IS SO VALUABLE  WEST OF  LAKE CHAMPLAIN and ALL  Over  Warren County and  Kingsbury, Fort Anne and  Queensbury ,  Lake  George  LETS  SEE


SwampFox <>

8:05 AM (12 minutes ago)

to dlehman, ghochsprung, acolver, btoscano, Ken, kphalen-tomase., thompson, mgoot, bcc: georgia, bcc: K, bcc: Sarah, bcc: Travis
Dear  Lt. Stockdale, Sheriff York Et Al,
The  RPI,  SUNY ,  Darrin Freshwater, Lake George  WATER ATLAS  SCIENTISTS as well as  the  David  Decker ……  Sediment Trap and Sediment Basin  Construction Group with Warren County Soil and Water are well  aware  THESE  RARE MATERIALS  are  exceeding  EXPENSIVE  and  VALUABLE.
It is  NOT just the  Value of  NYCO, BARTON, HOCHSCHILD, ROTHSCHILD  NATURAL RESOURCES  Minerals involved herein …….  Warren County,  Washington County,  Essex County  and  essentially  to  GORE MOUNTAIN and  BEYOND  is  full of  these  Exotic Advanced Materials.     ONE OF  THE  REASONS    GE  is located in New York where it is AND like  WHY  the  US  NAVY and  DOE operate their  Research  Reactor Science Center  West  of  SPAC.    BTW   Anita F. Witham was  from  GALLOWAY.
But to move along here,  RADIOLOGICAL  and  REEs are  heavily concentrated  WEST of  Lake  Champlain.   What has been draining out of  the  Creeks and  Brooks  and  Rivers in the  ADIRONDACKS ……  Those  Sediments  and  Silts …….    DAVID  DECKER’s   Crew   are  building  Sediment Basins and Traps   EVERYWHERE.   An interesting  FACTOID  …….    The  US  Navy based  it  RESEARCH  and  SCIENTIFIC  DIVING  TEAM  at  the  Swamp Marina ……   Harris  Bay’s     EAST  SHORES  HARBOR  owned by  Clifford  and  Anita  Witham ……..  UNTIL  …….  NYS  EVCON  and  Da  BOIZ  wiped it out repeatedly  with  DAM  “A”  at  Ticonderoga.   They knew  EXACTLY  what  DAM “A”  was  causing.   Their  KIN  in  Dock,  Boat House  and  Sea  Wall  Repairs  got  very  WEALTHY  FROM IT.
So everyone  understands ……  I left  Glens Falls  and  Lake  George and lived in the  GEOPHYSICAL  CAPITAL  of  America ……  Houston  Texas for Years.  I learned  plenty about  ADVANCED  MATERIALS  at  NASA,  FLUOR DANIEL and LITTON,   Raytheon and even  South  Texas  Nuclear Project ….. and other places such as   Texas  A&M  and  the  CONROE  OIL PATCH ……  Permian  Basin  etc, etc.
The  Witham Family Swamps  at North Queensbury  FILTERED  Millions of  Years of  REEs   and  METALS  Sediments  through  the  Peat Bog.    NYSGS  and  the  Conservation  Commission  KNEW  VERY WELL when They were  PURPOSELY …..  Crushing  and  Shredding  the  Witham  Marina.
Mark  Mannix at  the  Chronicle  Knows  as  does  Dan Stec,  Betty Little and  the  URANIUM  THORIUM  KINGS  at  French Mountain …….  Skip  Stranahan’s  Uranium  Caves …..  Hell  Charlie  Tuttle  and  Gerald  Solomon and  the  TOP of  the  WORLD  BOIZ ……  They  ALL  KNOW,
Judson Witham
Clifford and Anita  Witham  Estate

What are those  GEOPHYSICAL  PLANES  ACTUALLY DOING   Well  this  will Explain

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: SwampFox<>
Date: Sat, Mar 18, 2017 at 7:05 AM
Subject: The True Value of REEs …… Criminal VANDALISM CRIMINAL MISCHIEF “FELONY” , DEC Investigative Dossiers PRIVATE LAND HOLDINGS
To: “Miller, Kristy” <>, georgia bain <>, Richard Hayes Phillips <>, Sarah Witham <>, Travis Whitehead <>, Kirk Herse <>
Cc: “Carol W. LaGrasse” <>,, John Warren <>, Jake <>, “LaFarr, James A.” <>,, GS-D-EI_ Freedom of Information Act <>
The  Largest  REEs  concentration currently  known of is in  CHINA.
The  Thorium and Garnet and Monazite are just 3 Of the REEs that are extremely VALUABLE.
The  WITHAM MARSH  Filtered for more than A  Million Years the  Glacial run off from the  Canadian Mantel.   The Adirondacks being just South of the Canadian Mantel  are  full of  Canadian Mantel  Sediments and Sands.
Georgia Witham and the  Family remember well How  Fertile the  PEAT MOSS  and  BOG  SOILS  are from the  WITHAM PROPERTY.   I am positive that  the  MASONS  and  MEADS  NURSURY  Interests  with the  LAKE GEORGE ASSOCIATION are very well aware also.    Certainly   DAVID  DECKER  and His  Friends at the  RPI,  DEC and Darrin Freshwater Institute and the  Land Conservancy   SCIENTISTS  understand very well  WHAT PRECIOUS METALS  and  REEs  exist in the  Silts and  Sediments of the  Adirondacks  Lakes  and  Streams and  Creeks.
Scientists from  SUNY  CORNELL,   SUNY  ALBANY  and  SUNY  BULLAFO and other  Earth Sciences Schools  understand well  what is in the  Silts and Sediments,  Sand Bars and Deltas   all over  Champlain and Lake George.  The Lake George Water Keeper,  Lake George Association,  FUND for Lake George,  RPI,  Lake George Land Conservancy,   USDA  ,   US  DOD and others are well  aware.
The  US  DOD  and  DOE’s   Research  Reactor  WEST  of  SPAC  knows  very well to.   The  RADIOLOGICAL  SURVEYS  done by the  US  Department of  Defense all over the  Adirondacks  and  the  USGS  Investigations  with the  NYSGS  and  the  Miners and Scientists with the  NYS  Conservation Commission have had this SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION for decades.
The  Vast  Filtering Quality of  the  WITHAM  MARSH PROPERTY reveals it is absolutely  FULL of  REEs and other Extremely Valuable Materials.
The  Hochschild, Rothschild,  Rockefeller,  IMetals,  NYCO  Mining Crew are very well aware.   The  Glens Falls  Chronicle ( Mark  Mannix )  and the  folks at  ARROW  FINANCIAL  and  the  BARTON  MINING with elements of  the  Glens  Falls  Banks …….  WITH other SCIENTISTS from  RPI  and  the  National Water Atlas  Crowd ……   The  Lake George Association are   SALIVATING.
The  David  Decker  Sediment Collection  Projects  associated with that $WAMP$   Project at the old  Gaslight Village  Site   is  CHUMP  CHANGE.
RPI’s   Collaboration with the  CHINESE  (  And Their Scientists )  and  the  IBM ….  High Tech  Crew  (  REEs  Industry  )  know very very very well  WHY  Mark  Mannix’s   Glens Falls  Chronicle  was  POOH  POOHING   the  Grid  Flying  Bathymetric  and  Magnetometer   Flights  over  Western  Champlain and along the  Champlain Canal.
THESE PROSPECTING FLIGHTS have been ongoing in  Warren County for  DECADES.    Bartlett, Pontiff, Stewart and Rhodes and  the  ARROW  Financial  Crew  with  the  LAKE  GEORGE  ASSOCIATION ,    The Sediment Trap and Sediment Basin  Crew and  COHORTS  of  David  Decker  N  Company all know  the  SEDIMENTS  and  SILTS in the  area are very  VALUABLE.       RARE EARTH  VALUES  are what makes   RPI  and  the  Darrin Freshwater  Research   Tick.
Targeting Families  LIKE  The  Withams  for  The  Value of  What is In The  MINERALS ( SOILS )  and  Water at  Harris  Bay  is   IDENTICAL to the  Vast  Claim Jumping  during the  RANGE WARS  over  Oil and Gas and Minerals in the  1900s,  the  Mining of  Precious Metals in  Germany, Bolivia, South America and Africa  for  CENTURIES.     ADAM  HOCHSCHILDS     Grand  Father was after all   BOLIVIAN  and  a  Gangster in the  Mining Industry   LIKE …..  EXACTLY  LIKE   Lawrence ,  David,  and  Nelson  Rockefeller’s  PAPPY  ……   John  D.
The  area  North of  the  Lake  George Lake Champlain  Coalition and  South of  DFWI  and there around the  corner from  Mr.  Lender’s   NATIONAL WATER ATLAS /  LAKE  GEORGE  ASSOCIATION Inc.   up the  9N  from the  Lake George High School  is   MILLIONAIRES   ROW.   These  MILLIONAIRES  all became  FABULOUSLY  WEALTHY  from  understanding  the   MINERAL CONTENTS IN  LAND.
I would  suggest that  the  Silts and  Sediments  from  the  Arthur Ambrosino  Lake Deepening Project over to the  West of  Prospect Mountain  is  worth a  FRACTION of  what’s in  the  LAKE  GEORGE  BASIN.   The  French  Mountain  Tract  is  FULL  of  REEs  for instance.  Charles  Tuttle  and  Gerald  Solomon  and others from the  Town of  Queensbury   certainly understand.   Warren County  Soil and Water as well as  The Lake George  Park Commission,   Lake George Wild Forest crew at  Warrensburg,  DEC  and  RAYBROOK  with  State  Minerals  Scientists and  RPI /  Darrin Freshwater Institute  with  IBM  and  the  Chinese fully grasp  what  NYCO    Whitehall  and  Barton  Mining,  IMetals  and  The Rothschild’s  Natural  Resources  PROSPECTORS  KNOW.
The  THEFT of  the  Witham  Marsh was about  WEALTH.   The  DAM “A”  Operations  were  NEVER  DISCLOSED ,    Destroying Docks made the  MASONS  and  MEADS  and  Their  KIN and  Friends  very wealthy.    Robert David  Stewart  and  Judge  Richard J.  Bartlett  and  their  LEGAL  GROUP  in  Glens  Falls are very well aware.   Finch Pruyn, Hercules Chemical  and  the  IMPERIAL  COLORANT  GANG with others in the  SCIENTIFIC  INDUSTRY in New York  ……  Like  Dr.  Irving Langmuir  and  John  ”  APPY  ”   Apperson   with the  GENERAL  ELECTRIC  Crowd  and  the  ALBANY  LAW SCHOOL,  UNION  COLLEGE  and  the  SUNY  SYSTEM …….   All  very capable and well informed  SCIENTISTS,  GEOLOGISTS  and  GEOMORPHOLOGISTS.
In closing …..  I’ve worked for  EXXON,  SHELL,  MARATHON,  ALPINE CHEMICAL,  MITCHELL ENERGY AND DEVELOPMENT,   FLUOR DANIEL  and others in the  GEOPHYSICAL INDUSTRY.    The  GARGANTUAL WEALTH  inside  the  Adirondacks  Blue Line  has always been well known to  AMAX  and  ROCKEFELLER  Mining Interests and  Their Pals  with  the  ROTHSCHILDS.
Stealing  Clifford  and Anita Witham’s  Land   and the INDIAN LANDS of  New York  is an EXTREMELY OLD STORY  of  Land  Swindles and Thefts because of  The  WEALTH  therein .
Sheriff  Bud  York,  Lt.  Steve  Stockdale  ……..  Mr.  David  Decker’s  Gang  needs to  be  FULLY  Audited and  Completely  Investigated.
Many would claim that  Statute of  Limitations  applies  to  the  THEFT and  Vandalism,  Criminal Mischief employed to  TAKE OVER  the  Witham Property engaged in by  STATE AGENTS.   Succintly Stated  That is  SIMPLY  NOT  TRUE.   Stealing  and  Secreting  Crimes  as  many are learning about with the  DECKER  ARREST …..  When CONCEALMENT  OF  CRIMINAL ACTIVITY is  involved …..  The  Repose Limitations  are  TOLLED.
Judson Witham
Clifford and Anita Witham  Estate
This  is  Far  Far  Far  Far  BIGGER  than  Garnet, Monzite, Lanthanides   and 
Wollastonite   WAY WAY  BIGGER 
ABSTRACT Oxygen isotope ratios and rare earth element (REE) concentrations provide independent tests of competing models of injection v. anatexis for the origin of migmatites from amphibolite and granulite facies metasedimentary rocks of the Adirondack Mountains, New York. Values of d18O and REE profiles were measured by ion microprobe in garnet–zircon pairs from 10 sample localities. Prior U–Pb SIMS dating of zircon grains indicates that inherited cores (1.7–1.2 Ga) are surrounded by overgrowths crystallized during the Grenville orogenic cycle (1.2–1.0 Ga). Cathodoluminescence imaging records three populations of zircon: (i) featureless rounded whole grains (interpreted as metamorphic or anatectic), and rhythmically zoned (igneous) cores truncated by rims that are either (ii) discordant rhythmically zoned (igneous) or (iii) unzoned (metamorphic or anatectic). These textural interpretations are supported by geochronology and oxygen isotope analysis. In both the amphibolite facies NW Adirondacks and the granulite facies SE Adirondacks, d18O(Zrc) values in overgrowths and whole zircon are highly variable for metamorphic zircon (6.1–13.4&; n = 95, 10 lm spot). In contrast, garnet is typically unzoned and d18O(Grt) values are constant at each locality, differing only between leucosomes and corresponding melanosomes. None of the analysed metamorphic zircon–garnet pairs attained oxygen isotope equilibrium, indicating that zircon rims and garnet are not coeval. Furthermore, REE




The  NEW  GREEN  IS   GOLD  The  Green in the  GOLD ….  Gold in the  Green

Scholarly articles for Advanced Materials REES Lanthanides

These are the Old Stomping Grounds  Gee Golly Whiz  Right

Ask most People in Northern Queensbury NY and They have heard of the  Legends of the  Swamp Fox ….  I am  the  Son  of  the  Swamp  Fox
Don Lehman Reporter – Public safety, Warren County government
Gretta Hochsprung Reporter – Community news
Kathleen Moore Reporter – Queensbury and Northern Saratoga County
Kathleen Phalen-Tomaselli Feature and general assignment writer
Maury Thompson Reporter – Glens Falls/Queensbury Maury Thompson on Facebook
Bill Toscano Reporter – Washington County towns and villages

SwampFox <>

8:47 AM (7 minutes ago)

to wcso, Carol, Travis, James, Sarah, georgia, records.access, dlehman
So  trust Me  My Friend  Arthur Ambrosino was  hardy INSANE  nor  was  Testla,  Langmuire or  Edison  (  The  General Electric  Scientists )
Harold  Simmons and  the  Extraction  Gangs of  ANDREWS  TEXAS and  Eunice New Mexico   AKA    NUCLEAR  ALLEY
So lets see ……  

20  Million  Years  of  Geomorphology  and  Erosion  deposit  a  FORTUNE on the Bottom of  the  Sacandaga  Reservoir     ……..  

Learn and talk about Sacandaga River, Adirondacks, Rivers …

The Sacandaga River is a tributary of the Hudson River, flowing into it across from Lake Luzerne, at the border of Saratoga County and Warren County. Contents.

That’s  a  FACT  the  Sands and  Sediments in the  Sacandaga Reservoir WATER ATLAS  (   Watershed )  are  loaded with   VALUABLE  STUFF.

All these  immensely valuable rare Earths and Metals have been flowing into the Hudson  ABOVE  Glens Falls  for  what  20 Million Plus  Years …..  and  NOW  they  get  MINED  eerrrrrrr   PCB  Dredged   and  Rail Shipped  to    BILLIONAIRE’S    EXTRACTION    CENTRAL  in  the  Permian  Basin  at  ANDREWS   TEXAS.    Somebody  seems  to  be  under the  DELUSION  that   Geophysical  Forensics  and  Science is only for  the  Rockefellers,  Patackis,  Hochschilds, Rothschilds  and  those   LAND  TRUST ,  Conservation  Types  like   Basil  Seggos.

YUP   Good  Old  Governor  PATACKI    DEC   and  Minerals  and  Mining and High Tech Materials  INVESTMENTS

Sacandaga Reservoir –

… the Sacandaga River was an unchecked tributary of the upper Hudson River. … Sacandaga River. Residents of the Sacandaga Valley were … of earth and stone …

The  Champlain,  Hudson, Mohawk Valleys  all  being  RICH  in things like  MONAZITE  SAND  and  other  really interesting  STUFF.   Lets see

However, the monazite rich tailings resulting from mining of Beach Sand Minerals have been stored as per the guidelines of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) for extraction of thorium, uranium and rare earth material from monazite in future.

I wonder  Who would suggest  that  the  Sacandaga Watershed is  NOT  full  of  very  valuable  SANDS  that for 20 Million Years  were  FLUSHED  down the  Hudson  River ?   Maybe the Whole Hudson River Water Atlas is  FULL of  interesting SAND ?

Protect the Adirondacks   OR  are  We  Protecting the  FORTUNES  of  Hochschild, Rothschild, AMAX,  NYCO and  the  other  PILOT  FISH  that  swim with the  SHARKS  ??

Seggos  and  Cuomo  DAMNED  CERTAIN  want  the  Hudson River  REDREDGED  and  The  WHOLE  RIVER  and  yes  of  COURSE  …….   DEEPER  …….  



LOOK at all  that  $AND  and  PCBs  it’s  $pewing back into the  WATER

LOT$  More  Hudson  River  SAND  MINING   DEMANDED

Just imagine  this  sorta  MINING   eeerrrrrr    CLEAN  UP   in  Lake  George  Wild  Forest  Huh


The  Extraction  MOBSTERS  in   New  Mexico /  Andrews   Texas  are  ALMOST  FUNNY

Refinement and  Centrifuge  NUCLEAR  ALLEY   Now  That’s  Why   Hudson River   CAKE  gets  railed  to   WEST  TEXAS


AS   ANDY  CUOMO  and   Basil  Seggos  and  Judson Witham  Say …….   THE  DEEPER  YOU  DIG  ……   Ha  Ha   Ha   Ha   The  DEEPER  You  Mine ……   the  More  You Ship  to  the  EXTRACTION  PLANTS  in   NEW  MEXICO 


8:27 PM (19 minutes ago)

to ametzger, Ken, thompson, Richard, Marisa, Margaret, Travis, Carol, wcso, John
What is so Interesting is the  GREAT MASS of   Sand and Silts from  MILLIONS of  years of  erosion in the  Mountains that lay in the  River Sands and Lake Bottoms of  New York.     Rothschild’s  and  Hochschild’s ,  Rockefeller’s    MINING  SCIENTISTS  and ALCHEMISTS  know very well WHY  the  Sands and Silts of the  Champlain Canal and Hudson River are every bit as valuable as what lays on the bottom of the  Sacandaga Reservoir.    TRUST  ME  Dewatering Presses and the  Gas  Centrifuges and Minerals, Metals and Rare Earths  extraction industry in ANDREWS TEXAS and EUNICE NEW MEXICO are fully aware.     General Electric’s   Advance Materials  Scientists  and  the  Department of the Interior,  NOAA and  USGS  and many in the  advanced materials   SAND MINING  Industry do as well.
Right under  EVERYONE’S   NOSES  …….   Imagine  That  …..  We’re   MINING  THE  Water Sheds of  New York  for  TREASURE .      DAVID  DECKER  and  DASHA  certainly are aware ……   SUNY  NANO TECH  and  RPI  are  very  very  very  well aware,   Just  Like  Cashman  Dredging  ,  GE  and  Governor  Cuomo.  Basil  Seggos  wow oh wow oh wow.

The Great Adirondacks Heist ….. REEs Minerals and Mobsters …

Mar 21, 2017 – The Continuing Saga of HUDSON RIVER CAKE Dewatering Filter Presses and … up and down the Champlain Mohawk and Hudson Valleys are full of Minerals and Rare Earth … The plant is operated by Indian Rare Earths Limited … …… of thorium, uranium and rare earth material from monazite in future.

You visited this page on 4/10/17.


Paleozoic rocks of the Hudson and Champlain Valleys . … near Moriah Center^ and uranium and thorium in iron minerals have contributed to the radioactivity at …

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Afghanistan Holds Enormous Bounty of Rare Earths, Minerals …

Sep 29, 2011 – Afghanistan Holds Enormous Bounty of Rare Earths, Minerals … Province, offers the added incentive of minable quantities of uranium, thorium, …

Missing: monazitechamplainhudsonvalleyadirondacks

EPA’s Map of Radon Zones: New York – epa nepis – US EPA

It comes from the natural .decay of uranium that is found in nearly all soils. …… that have been erupted onto.the surface of the Earth. , fault A fracture or zone of ….. Plain; 12-Valley and Ridge; 13-New Jersey Highlands-Hudson Highlands; …… local accumulations of monazite, a uranium– and thorium-bearing mineral, occur.

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Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies, Volume 21 by Kelly …

Oct 17, 2016 – Robert S. Darling and William H. Peck 6: RARE EARTH ELEMENT AND … 9: POST-VALLEY HEADS DEGLACIATION OF THE ADIRONDACK ….. In the Hudson Highlands, the widespread Storm King granite has been dated at ca. …… mainly in the metamict state due to its uranium and thorium content.

[PDF]Rare Earth Mining and Exploration in North … – Elements Magazine

Interest in rare earth element (REE) exploration in North. America has surged in … Monazite (REEPO4) is a common accessory mineral in granites and some …

[PDF]21. Development of a hydrometallurgy process for high … – IAEA


Missing: champlainhudsonvalleyadirondacks

[PDF]Safety Reports Series No.68 – IAEA Publications – International Atomic …

Apr 1, 1992 – Residue M anagem ent in the Production of Rare Earths from. Thorium. Containing M …. exploitation of thorium containing minerals for rare earths production constitutes ….. Treatment of mixed bastnäsite–monazite concentrate . . 119. 9.1.2. …. APPENDIX III: RARE EARTH, THORIUM AND URANIUM .

Missing: champlainhudsonvalleyadirondacks

[PDF]cogjm.Index_Bendix_Reports.pdf (7.306Mb) – DSpace Home

Thorium and Rareearth Resources of the Lemhi Pass Area,. Idaho and Montana,” … tion of Uranium and Thorium in Precambrian Rocks Including the. Results of …… Champlain, Glen Falls, Portland, Albany, Boston, Hartford, and …… GJM-449(83) Jordan Valley, Idaho/Oregon, Bendix Field Engineering Corporation,. 1983 …

Full text of “Bibliography And Index Of Literature On Uranium And …

Preliminary Bibliography on Uranium and Thorium and Radioactive Carbonaceous …. 255 BASKERVILLE, Charles 652 Action of Ultra-violet Light upon Rare Earth Oxides. … 4, Vol 16, 1903, pp 465-466, 653 The Rare Metals, Q- Columbium. …… Hudson Valley; See New York-General and Co- lombia, Dutchess, Orange, …

Rare Earth Elements – Geoscience Australia

For the latest data, please see Australia’s Identified Mineral Resources 2016. …. Monazite is a rare earththorium-phosphate mineral found within heavy mineral ….. on `Thorium based fuels and fuel cycle options for pressurized heavy water …

B065: Mineral and water resources of Nevada

The use of thorium for nuclear energy is, however, in the experimental stage … The rareearth metals comprise the 15 elements having atomic numbers 57 to 71, …

Bibliography of the Geology and Mineralogy of the Rare Earths and …

John Wagstaff Adams, ‎Eleanora R. Iberall – 1949 – ‎Geology

1755 Spedding, F. H., and Daane, A. H., eds., 1961, The rare earths: New York, … 1763 Staatz, M. H., 1965, Thorium, in Mineral and water resources of New …

[PDF]GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Rare Earth Elements and Other Critical …

by M HALL – ‎Related articles

IDAHO WATER CENTER, SUITE 242B …. Rare earth mineral deposits are found in several geo- … thorium resource in the nation and also hosted an equal.

The Rare-Earths Roller Coaster – The New Yorker

May 22, 2014 – Rareearth metals have acquired an air of glamour, but mining them … They found thorium, a radioactive metal often contained in rareearth deposits. … or People Against Radioactive Dumping); in 1998, the local water board …

[PDF]thorium resources in rare earth elements – mragheb

by M Ragheb – ‎Cited by 3 – ‎Related articles

Jul 7, 2016 – uranium resource bases mandate the consideration of alternative energy … In mining activities, Total Rare Earth Oxides (TREO) refers to the …. Water attacks it slowly, and acids do not attack it except for hydrochloric acid.

Rare Earth Elements: A Review of Production, Processing, Recycling …

Life-Cycle Stages of Rare Earth Mineral Mines 3-1 3.1 Active REE Mining 3-2 3.2 … Anticipated Molycorp Mountain Pass mine water reclamation process and ….. (approximate average) for thoriumrare earth vein deposits (Armbrustmacher et …

Separation of uranium and thorium from rare earths for rare earth …

Recently, the recovery of rare earths from a variety of resources has gained much interest. ….. Uranium and thorium content in rare earth minerals (based on Jordens et al., 2013). …. was reported that thorium content in the waste water and rare.