The Great Texas Bank Job … The Down Fall of the Nation




The Great American Land Schemes and the Looted Trillions EXPLAINED

Bill Clinton Gives Lecture At Georgetown University

HB473 PenalCode1137h

    The ATTACKS on TRUMP are 100% Coming From the SWAMP …… Trust Me THEY DID THE SAME SHIT TO ME FOR YEARS …… Trying To Shut Me Up …… BIG FAIL ……. AND Back in the 1960s Paul Friggins and the 1963 88th Congress were having House Hearings regarding BEWARE OF THE RANCHERO RACKETEERS ….. The Mega Bankster S&L Looting Schemes ……. The 1976 Murder of Don Bolles … Remember NON Border Colonias …… The 650 + Colonias All Around CONROE …… Swindlers in Arizona Said to Make Millions – The New York Times…/swindlers-in-arizon…

May 21, 1979 – Law enforcement officials believe that white collar swindlers, based in … in the land‐fraud business have now moved into swindles involving …

Law enforcement officials believe that white collar swindlers, based in Arizona, are bilking Americans out of at least $100 million per year; Fed, state and local investigators, in broad-based investigation prompted by ’76 murder of reporter Don Bolles, say they have uncovered vast array of sophisti…

LONG BEFORE MERS , Taylor Bean & Whitacker, Select Portfolio Services, WAMU, Countrywide and Bank Of America etc etc ….. Land Fraud | Cochise County

Land Fraud. Land Fraud. Every … Every Arizona county and hundreds of thousands of trusting land … Florida was not far behind and many states had similar swindles …

Every Arizona county and hundreds of thousands of trusting land purchasers were victimized by the rampant land scams of the 1960’s. Artist renditions showed trees and lakes with boating and all the modern facilities: streets, street lights, golf courses, a real piece of the American dream. The true…

Google & YouTube  Et Al  TRIED TO  SILENCE  ME



Open Question ?  Where where all  the  MODERN DAY  Activists Claiming to Expose the  Trillions Looted BACK in the 1980s and 1990s  WHERE in The  Hell  Were You Then  ??    Tell  Me  Please

YES  FROM  86  Years  ago  and  an  EMERGENCY  SESSION  in  the   Texas  Legislature  at the  height of the  1930s    Banks  and  S&L   Lootings    WOW   Imagine   That  1931

HB473 PenalCode1137h



Hocus Pocus


Note  to  FBI  and  DOJ  ……   The  Land  Swindles  and  Missing  Trillions  are  VERY  WELL  EXPOSED ……   The  SECRETS  and  COVER  UP  are  a  WASTE OF TIME





I have had My work  ERASED and HACKED and Removed from the  Net by the  Googles, YouTubes and  Yahoos   of  the  CORP”O”RAT  World many times.    This is to show what I was doing   OVER  SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO  ……  a  FULL  11  Years Before  Occupy and 7 + Years  BEFORE the  Bubble  Busting in 2007 and 2008.

Dear Men and Women of  Planet Earth  Your Governments, Bangksters and Lawyers with help from CROOKED  LEOs  have  Robbed the WHOLE  PLANET  for  TRILLIONS

This  is  Your  Wake Up Call

SEE  TRILLIONS  LOOTED  AND  ALL  THAT  DIRT  DEALING  ……   CONNECT  THOSE   DOTS   ALL  THE  WAY  TO  1300  Main  Street  Houston  and  the  BAD  OLD  BOIZ  up  in  Montgomery  County   (  Woodlands  )


THE GREAT TEXAS BANK JOB …….   Resurrection




The  Graphics and Images were SAVED and CAPTURED  71 Times beginning in January 2000.   My previous writings and pages were ERASED from History by the  Bushs and Clintons  Campaign Donators ……  YAHOO  GOOGLE AND  YOUTUBE


The Bosses in Conroe will love this one …….. The DOUBLE STANDARD of Shafting Working Folks in Texas EXPOSED …… in 1931 The Austin Legislature meant ANY Sales Contracts , ie TWO DEVELOPMENTS SIDE BY SIDE ….. One sold with Contracts For Sale and the Other Contract Of Sale …… The TX Legislature did NOT create an EXEMPTION rather Outlawed ANY SALES CONTRACTS from these OUTLAW SUBDIVISIONS ……. Contract OF or Contract FOR ….. Here’s the Jist of the Chit across TEXAS …… More Pooh than the FAT SHOW …….

How the Landed Gentry SHAFT THE SERFS, Land Swindles Texas Style. Double Standards of Cheating Working Class Folks.

Restoring The Bill of Rights One Website at a Time

The Great Texas Bank Job

Campaign Finance Corruption, Colonias Land Fraud, the Texas Judicial MAFIA and a Whole Lot More. 

 (May 26, 2000)  I believe that very shortly I will be setup AGAIN on more Red Herring FALSE Charges by Local and Probably Federal Prosecutors.  The reality of Retaliation and Persecution for revealing truth in America is all to real for myself, my children and Debra.  Many, Many BILLIONS were looted using Whitwaters & Castle Grande all over Texas and America.  As are the  Castle Grande and Whitewater,  DIRT ROAD SUBDIVISIONS are how the Banks and S&Ls were looted in the 1980s and how it was done in the 1920s.   This is a Plea for assistance, the Government wants me silent, DEAD Silent and as they say in the executioners lounge THIS An’t No JOKE !!!




  The Looting of  Savings & Loans and Banks in Texas 

550 Billion Reason$ For A Cover Up

“The Senate, Congressional, Injustice Department, FBI and State Court Cover Up Exposed” Congressional Banking Committee Members PLEASE EXPLAIN the Thousands of Criminally Developed Dirt Road Subdivisions across Texas (Just like Whitewater & Castle Grande)

A Texas Sized S&L and Bank Bailout  “Congressman JIM LEACH” TALK ABOUT PREDATORY BANKING ! (The Judicial MAFIA Cover Up)

From Valley of the Lakes in Pennsylvania, To Whitewater& Castle Grande, Bank lootings and Land Fraud  all over the  US.

Please Post This Site Often & Everywhere

The Cover Up

Illegal, Unrecorded Subdivisions & COLONIAS, Whitewater, Stone Bridge Ranch, Valley of the Lakes and Thousands more   WAKE UP AMERICA 

Closely Compare the Similarities to the Valley of the Lakes RICO Indictments 

If you Doubt This ? 

here’s HUD’s incomplete ILLEGAL Developments Maps

  56% of $550 Billion is  $338 Billion


Texas. Texas has extensive colonias, beyond the border counties as well as along all but a very few of the border counties. This map is based on map shown at the State of Texas Site. This map and all the others in this series are prepared with HUD’s Community 2020 software, for use by citizens, organizations and local governments everywhere.

HUD’s Half Truth is the Tip of the Iceberg 

(Montgomery County is not listed hmmmm????)

550 Billion Reason$  For a Cover Up

The Most Costly Bank Lootings in World History

It is well established fact that the Congressional and Senate Banking Committees have revealed that Dallas and Houston, Texas are the Bank and S&L Looting Capitols of the United States. ( Little Rock Arkansas NOT ) According to the General Accounting Office more than 56% of the entire National $550 Billion in losses attributable to Insider Fraud were perpetrated in Texas. Simple math reveals that if $338 Billion is required to Bailout the S&L and Banking System at least $338 Billion was Taken. ($676 Billion Final Cost just in Texas) This Web Site is dedicated to exposing how the Texas and United States Government condoned, encouraged, participated in and are conspiring to Cover Up the Real Estate Fraud and similar schemes responsible for the more than 1.1 Trillion Dollar Bailout of the Deposits that were Looted from the S&Ls and Banks across America

Considering the fact that names like George H  &  George W Bush,  Henry Hyde, Jim Wright, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Webster Hubble,  Jim& Susan MacDougal, Guy Tucker, Charles Keating, Herman K Bebee, Oliver North,  BUCK Revell ,   Richard Secord, John Poindexter, John Glenn, Senator , Congressman Deconcini and many, many other well connected Public Figures, Politicians and Corporations are Directly Involved, is it no wonder that Starr, Thompson, Glenn, Janet Reno, Edward Messe, and FBI Directors Sessions and Freeh have demonstrated over and over and over again that our current law enforcement authorities are terribly, terribly corrupt and unworthy of the Trust of the American People .

If you do a search engine search of the Terms COLONIAS or Illegal Subdivision in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas,  Arizona,  New Mexico,  Nevada and California you will find that  there are  THOUSANDS of these WHITEWATER style land fraud schemes all over America.    The Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, the Texas Water Development Board, the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, the Texas A&M University, the Texas Housing Coalition and the Texas Border Coalition have amassed great amounts of information regarding the REALITY of these Land Fraud Schemes  (See the legislative history of Former Texas Penal Code 1137h, Texas House Bill 473, May 20, 1931 as well as the Texas Property Code Chapter 12 et sec and the Texas Local Government Code for Subdivision Recording Laws)

This is the US Government  Half Truth Map

Whitewater and Castle Grande  NOT Mapped or Listed ??

  What Other Great Americans Have Said About Corrupt Banksters and Those That Make Them Possible  

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs. –Thomas Jefferson   Here’s the TRUTH 
History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance. –James Madison   Here’s the TRUTH 
If congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations. –Andrew Jackson     Here’s the TRUTH 
The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity. –Abraham Lincoln   Here’s the TRUTH 
Despite these warnings, Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. A few years later he wrote:       I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men. –Woodrow WilsonStop the fiat money fraud; protect your savings, your pension, and your job; and,re-establish a system of honest monetary weights and measures.       Here’s the TRUTH 

This Land FRAUD debacle is directly connected to the MASSIVE S&L and Bank Lootings of the 1980s ~ 1990s 

 Follow this link to 

Loads of Corroboration and Witness Accounts

Explosive Government Corruption Links


The Postal, Consumer, Wire and Bank Fraud associated with this Debacle  is MASSIVE

(Seems as Though Texas is Not Alone, found this today 2/25,1999  JW)

At search the Southwest and Texas Archives for the term Illegal Subdivision and Colonias (Set the Engine for 150 hits on the archive.) The Associated press QUOTES Texas Governor George W. Bush,  State Attorney Generals and many others identifying these Unrecorded,  3rd World like, SLUMS or Whitewater Style Developments as ILLEGAL Schemes. 

( Search the Houston Chronicle Archives for “Red Flag Subdivisions” or Potholes and Promises  all about  Montgomery County’s Crumbling Subdivisions.)   The Government is COVERING UP Massive Banking Crimes   It has been the intentional agenda of these BUMS to allow the statutes of limitations to expire, memories to fade, and that Justice and Good Government be Subverted. Right in front of the American peoples eyes, the Republic has been Raped and Robbed and the Injustice Department and FBI, the Senate and Congressional Banking Committees continue the Orgy of Corruption and Cover Up.   Justice intentionally Delayed and the Truth Purposely Murdered.

550 Billion Reasons For a Cover Up The Bombing Murder of Don Bolles

“The first thing Klass noticed was the blood-thick and bright–dripping into a widening pool beneath the car. His stomach reeled. A man sprawled half out of the driver’s side, his torso face down on the asphalt, his legs draped at a grotesque angle across the seat and onto the floor of the car. The injured man was conscious, though obviously in deep shock. His glazed eyes darted frantically back and forth and his shoulders heaved, as if he was trying to push himself upright….”   (Don Moments after the BLAST that KILLED HIM)   JW

This Page is Gratefully Dedicated In memory of the  Bombing MURDER of Mr. Don Bolles the central figure of the IRE’s Arizona Project and his paying the ultimate price for Exposing The Arizona Land and Bank Fraud Schemes of the 1970s. Also the recent Hanging Death of Mark Lombardi. Mark’s enormous investigation into Banking Conspiracies as Diagramed and Expressed in his Art, Chronicled the massive involvement of many, many Politicians and other famous personalities that were Directly involved in the Banking Conspiracies. According to an interview tonight, New York Police have expressed that Mark May Have Been Hung by those wanting him SILENCED. To all Mark’s and Mr. Bolles family and friends our deepest regards see Press Reports on these investigators work which Chronicles Government Involvement in the BIGGEST Bank Jobs in History. You can find Mark’s Art and Stories about his Death at the New York Times and the Houston Chronicle.   The Land Fraud Scheme known as Valley of the Lakes, and the Houston Chronicle Series Potholes and Promises regarding 635 Illegal Whitewater Style Projects just minutes North of Houston are the continuing saga of Government Endorsed and Perpetrated Corruption.

Senator Phil Grahm ?  WHY was former Houston Based Assistant US Attorney Henry Onken Pink Slipped ??  Was it his OBSTRUCTING investigations into Land and Bank Fraud in the Houston area in the 1980s ??  How many LAND FRAUD Cases did the FBI ignore and COVER UP  in Texas during the 1980s ?   Valley of the Lakes is identical in nature to the massive Land Frauds in Texas, why are there so many Valley of the Lakes TYPE Illegal Land Developments in Texas ?  WHO DID THEM why would the FBI want to keep all this a SECRET ? Open Up the Names !

 Montgomery County is not on the Colonias Map (It has 635 ) 

Henry Cisneros Hiding more than his mistress !

Governor George W Bush Why the COVER UP ?


What others are saying

  1. Press here to go to SAVINGS AND LOAN SCAM pages introduction
  14. WHO WATCHES THE WATCHERS?  The Death of Jim MacDougal in a Texas Prison after he began to cooperate with the Ken Starr is a very sad thing.  Our deepest regards and sympathy to his Family and Loved Ones. The Federal Government’s singling the MacDougals Out is a Terribly WRONG and Shameful thing, in light of the Massive COVER UP of the Crimes associated with COLONIAS  Marketing and Financing all over Texas and around the Nation.  The Great Texas Bank Job Mr. Starr, do you deny it Mrs. Reno and Mr. Freeh ?   Come on down to Conroe, Texas and I’ll show you Obstruction of Justice, Cover Up and Perjury.  See USCA 18 Art 4 Mispression of Felonies and USCA 18 Art 1341 Mail Fraud.

Why Was Jim MacDougal’s medication Taken From Him ?  Why was Jim MacDougal Placed in Solitary ?  Why was Jim MacDougal Refused Access to Doctors on the Day of His Death ? He was a Known Cardiac Patient exhibiting Pre Heart Attack Symptoms WAS Mr. MacDougal MURDERED to SILENCE HIM ?  He knew about LOTS more Whitewaters in Arkansas and was STARTING TO TALK !  Examine the COLONIAS and Illegal Land Development FACTS present on this site.  WAKE UP your Government is CORRUPT.   Criminally Negligent Homicide makes for a Clean MURDER Mr. Ken Starr, why does Montgomery County, Texas admit under Federal Court ORDER to having 635 ILLEGAL SUBDIVISIONS ?  (Not to mention the 3,400 More Colonias and Illegal Projects across Texas)

Janet Reno,  Why did so many dozens of Texas Banks finance these ILLEGAL Land Developments?

Why Governor George Bush, does Texas have several Thousand COLONIAS ?

In light of the history of Tex H.B.473 enacted 5/20/31 and Texas Penal Code 1137h  and its amendments and recodifications, how was all this CRIMINAL FRAUD accomplished ?  Mr. Starr and FBI Director William Freeh why was the US Postal System Used so extensively to collect installments Payments on the unlawful payment contracts for all the Illegal Transactions ?

FBI DOJ What do your Investigations reveal ?

I’ll  Bet JurisNot is Right On The Money !

Susan MacDougal, Jim MacDougal, Guy Tucker, Webster Hubble were indicted by Mr. Starr and his FBI agents.   Lets Indict everyone of the BUMS who used Colonias or Illegal,  Whitewater Style, Valley of the Lakes Type,  Subdivisions to Loot Banks and Consumers.  Getting Restitution for all those Defrauded in these Criminal Deals, would as well be the right thing to do.

How many Crooked Land Developers,  Bankers,  Title Companies,  Realtors, or Promoters have been Prosecuted Mr. John Cornyn ?  How many do You Think Governor Bush ? And yourAnswer is what Janet Reno and Louis Freeh ?

Land Development Fraud the Bank looting Scheme of the 19th and 20th Century

The Price of Whistle Blowing in Texas

(Just Ask Mr. George Green)

The Rape of the Witham Family in the Texas and Federal Courts

A Plea for Help. The corrupt forces behind the Great Texas Bank Job and the Land Fraud Debacle in America are very considerable. They have repeatedly falsely arrested myself, torn down my protests at the Montgomery County Courthouse, filed false and perjured papers and affidavits in Federal and State Court proceedings and have their sights on stealing our home. They want me silenced and have repeatedly broken the Law and stripped me of  every Civil Right “you think you have”

Update Oct 27, 1999


  Only Crooked Politicians, Bankers and  Land Developers are Above the Law 

On October 15, 1999 I was just around the corner from our home looking for my kids lost dog (Pom Pom)  I was driving slowly through the neighborhood and in the opposite lane coming at me I saw a Sheriff’s Cruiser.  As we approached he slowed down and so I stopped to ask if he had seen our dog.  I was very surprised when he turned on his overhead lights and I thought OH BOY Here We Go.  I exited the Truck and immediately was asked who I was and I repeatedly IDENTIFIED MYSELF and my kids did to.  After I gave the Deputy my drivers License I was arrested for Failure to Identify myself ??  Go Figure !  Then I was hauled off to jail where I was planned to be held for THREE days at least until the Former DA Mr. Dan Rice secured my release.  My kids were left to fend for themselves and were told by Deputies to drive my truck home or they would tow it.  These Police were directing my 14 year old daughter to drive our truck around the corner to our house. I was arrested for Giving My Name and Address and then My Drivers License to the Police !  Today I appeared to get a Court Date and after spending several DAYS trying to get information on the most recent arrest, I am presented with a Failure to Appear In Court for a Seat Belt Ticket I supposedly failed to appear on in 1995.  I have lived 7 miles from the Court House for almost 8 years in the same house and almost 5 years later they claim I had a warrant out for my arrest since 1995 ?Suffice it to say, the Local Corruption is Out to Silence my Exposure of the Corruption behind the Biggest Bank Job in US History.  I was at this same Court arrested in 1991 for a Contempt of Court that DID NOT OCCUR and those Charges were dropped after I Proved NO CONTEMPT of COURT in Reality Occurred.Update 1/24/98  On Friday Jan 23rd 1998 we finally argued our case against the State relevant to the secret records connected with the Financial Transactions connected with 635 Whitewater type developments I exposed in Montgomery County, Texas. It was Battle Royal with the Judge and State but the records were declared Public. It took 12 years to get these PUBLIC RECORDS opened. We will see if the State cooperates next week.

The Stone Wall Continues   8/26/200  State AG Cornyn, State DA MacDougal and the Montgomery County Attorney REFUSE to make Copies of the Perpetrators Names Available. The Cover Up Continues.  Public Records In Texas are a HOAX

Feb  2 1998 , The stonewall, diversions and lies continue The County Attorney Continues to COVER UP and Obstruct access to Public Records Judge Wood could care less ???January 13th 1998  Judge Sam Robertson again completely ignores the law and denies all Post Judgment Motions to vacate the $9,800 Judgment he baked up against me on imaginary Deed restriction claims trumped up against us. It might as well be a Million Dollar Judgment I am broke and sick. I am not all the way down yet, but these Crooks are certainly looking for BLOOD. Any honest Pro Bono Lawyers left ? Please help my family. February 20, 1998

Judge Sharolyn Woods continues to ignore the Texas Open Records, Civil Rights laws (Yen Right) Our Freedom of Speech is Murdered. The idea here was not to give us a Trial at All. The Law works like a Swiss Rolex when they want to RAPE you. When you have a real case against the Government the whole process does not work and is very, very corrupt.    Just ask Paula Jones why Susan Weber Wright Summarily Dismissed her case against President Clinton !! (Later to discover CLINTON LIED)   Montgomery County and the Bankster Gangs behind the Politicians, Crooked Lawyers and other assorted Con Men involved in the 635 “Whitewater Style Subdivisions” that Montgomery County has been forced to admit to, apparently have plenty of pull with this Good Ol Girl.  Our Case is Summarily Dismissed without any explanation. The State definitely wants me out of the picture and Silenced.

May 12, 1998

The crooked lawyer William Fowler in the imaginary Deed Restriction case, right in my face informed me about how much the Courthouse Gang HATES ME.  He loves it, they give him everything he wants ILLEGALLY.

I am really up against the Courthouse, County and State Politicians and their Gang of Crooked Judges and Banksters. Please if you would, help my family any way you can.

An honest Pro Bono Lawyer would be nice. 

Are there any left in Texas ?

“Soft Money Boys?”

Yeah, uh huh !!

I have a Unrecorded Colonias Subdivision to sell you too !

The Justice Department, FBI, FDIC, RTC, Congress and the Senate are Protecting the Thieves, from Clinton to Bush and beyond

The Financial Wizardry of the Bush Gang 

D-CIA  Government Corruption Links

Freeh, Reno, Clinton, Glenn, Thompson why all the LIES

$550 Billion Looted from the S&Ls and Banks + $550 Billion taxed to the American People for the Bailout, folks that is a $1.1 Trillion Dollar Looting of the American people

Psssst, Hey ” Don’t forget to add the cost of the COMPOUND INTEREST on the Debt


Now this is what you call Texas “SOFT MONEY”

Looted Money bought plenty of Protection Huh Mrs. Reno !

The law only applies to the little guys and when the Government wants to ruin somebody’s life that is, RIGHT Ms Reno !

Obstruction of Justice Way to Go Janet

  See USCA 18 Art 4 Mispression of FelonyPresident Clinton, Hey Amigo

Where are the  Hundreds of Billions  missing from American Banks Anyway ?

How About it Ms. Reno is your answer LAND FRAUD ? 

Greetings from Conroe, Texas 

“The Bank Fraud – Obstruction of Justice- Judicial MAFIA Illegal Land Development and  Secret Government Records Capitol of Texas”

“U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton”

“U.S. Senator Fred Thompson”

“U.S. Senator John Glenn”

“U.S.Congressman Dan Burton”

“U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos”

“U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno”

“FBI Director Louis Freeh”

“Governor George W. Bush Jr.”

“Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr”

“Texas State Attorney General Dan Morales”

“Texas State Attorney General John Cornyn”

“Montgomery County Judge Alan Sadler”

“County Attorney Frank Bass”

“Judge Sam Robertson”

“District Attorney Mike MacDougal”

“William Fowler Crooked LIAR at Law”

“Mr. David Walker Assistant County Attorney”

VP AL Gore

Why does Montgomery County, Texas admit to having 635 Illegal and Collapsed Developments and so many failed Banks and S&Ls ???

Why is TEXAS the Colonias Capitol of the United States ?

Governor George W. Bush What are the names of the PEOPLE involved in these very, very ILLEGAL Land Development Financing, Marketing, and Brokering Schemes ?

Why has there been this Cover Up ?

Wouldn’t be Campaign Donations and Hush Money ! 

“The Whitewater, Castle Grande Subdivision Development / S&L looting schemes are but the tip of a massive DNC/RNC campaign, to subvert the constitution and the People’s Votes. The Soft Money iceberg goes back to the Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton Administrations and more. Come on down to Montgomery County, Houston and Dallas Texas and see it for yourselves”   Visit the Texas A&M University’s COLONIAS Web Site and then ask WHY are the 635 Illegal Land Developments in Conroe, Texas not on the COLONIAS DATA BASE ?   Senator Kay Hutchinson, Senator Phil Grahm  and Congressman Kevin Brady are all spending Hundreds of Millions of Dollars building abandoned COLONIAS for the Hispanic Community across the South Western United States  WHY is it good for the Hispanic VOTE ? These developments are Illegal in FACT Criminal.  Why are there ZERO criminal Prosecutions Ms Reno and Mr. Freeh ? The Looting of “Soft Money” from S&Ls and Banks  Just North of Houston, Texas in Montgomery County, which adjoins Harris County, more than 635 WHITEWATER Style completely illegal Real Estate Subdivision Developments have been exposed in the FEDERAL COURT ;  the  Houston Chronicle, the former Houston Post, the Dallas Morning News, several Houston and Nationally based Television News organizations, the Conroe Courier and several Radio Stations based in Montgomery County, Texas. The source of these News Releases has been the ongoing Activism and Litigation being waged by Mr. Judson Witham in Federal District Court, State District Court as well as many dozens of hearings that have been held in the Montgomery County, Commissioners Court (Witham has devoted 18 years of his life to exposing the massive Looting of Texas Based S&Ls and Banks and the subversion of the American Justice System by well connected Politicians and their Political Cronies)

At this time Mr. Witham is pursuing litigation in the 359thState District Court sitting in Conroe, Texas (the Montgomery County Seat). Cause Number 96-11-04068-CV is primarily a Texas Open Records Act and Federal Freedom of information Act case. Federal, State and local Authorities, including the FDIC, FBI, RTC, Texas State Attorney General, Montgomery County Attorney as well as the Montgomery County Commissioners are currently Stonewalling Witham’s Marathon Efforts to gain access to the names or identities of the Financial Institutions, Land Developers, Land Owners and Real Estate Brokers that developed, financed, and marketed the more than 60 Thousand Acres of completely Illegal, failed, substandard, WHITEWATER style subdivisions in Montgomery County.

July 7th 1999

Intense Efforts are underway to force the  FBI, Justice Dept., HUD and the State of TEXAS to reveal all of it’s records on the DEBACLE behind this MASSIVE Land, Financial, Postal and Wire Fraud RACKETEERING. The same OBSTRUCTION tactics experienced by the Producers of the Film Waco The Rules of Engagement are being employed to Keep These Records SECRET Please help and support us in anyway you can !

Montgomery County, Texas

has 635 Illegal Whitewater Style Developments and the State Fights Access to it’s Secret Records and Files

Hey Just Ask TX AG Dan Morales ,  TX AG John Cornyn , Montgomery County Attorney Frank Bass and the FBI.  Check the Houston Chronicle, The dirty part is where the Money Trail Goes.

Federal Judge James DeAnda  Ordered the Names of the People WHO did these Illegal Schemes Copied for me.  WHY are the Local, State and Federal Government keeping the Names SECRET ????

Cover Up We Must the Government stands to be Exposed 


Witham wins, these Secret Records are DECLARED PUBLIC after a nine year battle Royal in the 359th State District Court. Lets get them Opened up Boys & Girls

  The COVER UP CONTINUES the records are still under wraps 

FBI is Concealing The Names of the Crooks and Banking Corporations

  Former Asst. US Attorney Henry Onken  why the COVER UP ?

The Senate and Congressional Obstruction of Justice Exposed

The Call goes Out 

January 24, 1998

Senator Danforth,  Bob Barr,  Chuck Grassly,  John & Rheeta Sweeny, Linda Thompson , Dan Gifford, Mike Caddel, Judson Witham and many hundreds of other fine Americans across America call on Janet Reno, Bill Freeh, the Senate and the Congress to account

Immediately Begin 

Full Hearings and Investigations into FDIC, RTC, BATF, FBI and DOJ

WHY ???

$550 Billion was initially Looted then $550 Billion Taxed to the American People

We paid for the 1.1 trillion dollar Great American Bank Job


Add  Whitewater to the Montgomery County list of Illegal, Collapsed, never were planned to succeed Subdivisions and it would make Land Fraud Scheme

No. 636 Six Hundred and Thirty SIX 

Valley of the Lakes would be No. 637 


Civil Rights , oh yeah sure, If You Can Afford to Buy Them

No Money, No Lawyer,  No Bill of Rights ? 

If you are not an expert in Court Rules and Procedure

” The US Supreme Ct. Rule is, it is Grounds to Suspend All your Rights ” 

Currently in this Republic, the average Citizen faces insurmountable burdens when seeking legal or Constitutional Rights in the Courts. The Maxim ” NO MONEY, NO LAWYERS, NO JUSTICE” is unfortunately the reality most Americans face. The Supreme and Appellate Courts throughout the United States have mandated Special Pleading Rules for those Civil Rights Litigants who plead before the Courts on their own or PRO SE. These Special Rules are suppose to preserve the Constitutional Rights of the Legally Inarticulate, Ignorant, Handicapped or Aged by opening the Courts to Average Citizens.

The Witham Family pursues this litigation Pro Se and has time and time and time again been denied his Rights as a Constitutional Litigant. You see even though their are Special Pro Se Rules, all the thousands of little technical rules of procedure, required of Lawyers, must be followed by Pro Se Litigants and that means ALL OF THEM TO.

Non Lawyer Americans Have NO Rights before the Courts 

In Operation and in Fact the Pro Se Rules are hollow illusions of Liberty, In Fact you have ZERO (cough,choke, gag) Rights at all unless that is you are Rich and Have High Powered Lawyers. The only Rights you have is to BUY THEM


In the Witham case, in that many hundreds of BILLIONS of DOLLARS have been LOOTED by Political Insiders and those well Connected to the DeFacto State and Federal Governments, so far the Courts in which Mr. Witham has sought access to the Governments SECRET FILES have “Court Raped” or “Court Stripped” another American Citizen for his so called Unalienable Rights of Due Process and Equal Protection of the Laws. It seems that Failure to Be a High Powered Lawyer is Grounds to Strip a Person FOR ALL THERE SO CALLED RIGHTS. To add insult to injury these same Government Entities have engaged in very intense and severe RETALIATION against Mr. Witham for his Whistle Blowing and efforts to force the Governments SECRET FILES OPEN. Witham’s exposure of the Judicial Rape that occurs when you are not a High Powered Lawyer threatens the Courts and the Legal Profession with BEING EXPOSED.

No Money, No Legal Training, No Constitutional Rights, No Freedom and Justice for All ???


It is in this Light that your assistance is requested. Seeing as how more than 1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS has been Looted from the American People (your tax dollars hard at work), I am requesting that this page be as widely linked and or disseminated as possible. Several Attorneys and Government Prosecutors have repeatedly warned Mr. Witham that he will be MURDERED or his LIFE DESTROYED if he refuses to stop the battle with these Government Agencies and Officials in an effort to FORCE OPEN THE GOVERNMENTS SECRET FILES.

On several Occasions Witham has been FALSELY ARRESTED, FALSELY INCARCERATED, IRS AUDITED and Demonized, and is now currently being Extorted for Imaginary Deed Restriction Violations at his Home, by those loyal to the Judicial Mafia at the Montgomery County Courthouse, more retaliation for his Free Speech and Civil Rights Litigation.

In the Fall of 1995 the Witham Home was treated to an effort to place White Phosphorus Flares dropped from a Military Style Helicopter on the roof of the home. Witham has every reason to believe that this was an effort to BURN HIS HOME thus destroying his efforts to continue this battle.

“With Freedom and Justice for None”

Jerry Spence where are you on this ?

“only those who have big money lawyers are Blessed by the Judicial Illuminati”

The recent Senate and Congressional Hearings ranging from IRS abuses, the Looting of the S&Ls and Banks, Whitewater and the Cushy Soft Campaign Money Scandals, have positively revealed for the very first time (on a major scale) that Freedom, Liberty and Equal Protection Under Law has been reduced to a commodity. This commodity, used to be known as the Bill of (“so called”) Rights. The reality average American’s face is really very simple, the Courts and the Lawyers that control them have created a very lucrative system of Judicial Bondage. Only those who can afford to pay, can buy their “So Called” rights. At the very highest levels of the Government (the U.S. Senate) it has been revealed that People who do not have the resources to retain High priced Legal Counsel are targeted by IRS (Treasury Dept. & Justice Department) for retaliation and abuse (Including Paula Jones). Many of the IRS Agents that gave testimony regarding these realities, with the full recognition and support of High Level Senate Members, testified from behind Screens and had their voices altered, knowing the realities of Governmental Retaliation.

Suffice it to say our Courts have created Judicial, Prosecutorial, Absolute and Qualified Immunities for virtually every level of Government Official, Agent and employee. This precludes virtually all victims of Civil Rights Violations from any meaningful legal recourse.( New York Times Writer Anthony Lewis calls it Court Stripping Suffice it to say, on top of the Judicial Bondage, (Only the Rich have Rights) these Government Agents are shielded by Court Created Absolute Immunities, that amount to license to “RAPE” whistle blowers, community activists, patriot organizations, and virtually any intellectual that can see the cesspool of corruption and abuse that our Government has become.

This page is dedicated to all those Patriotic enough to defend Liberty and Justice when she is under attack. When Patriot becomes a Dirty Word, and there is talk of United Nations World Governments, it is time for all Partisan American Loyalists (Lovers of Freedom, Justice and the American way) to stand shoulder to shoulder and restore the Bill of Rights. Lawyers and the Judges that love the very lucrative Lawyer controlled Judicial system need to be reminded that the Constitution was written especially for those least able to afford lawyers, that is why they are called RIGHTS. Justice for ALL is committed to putting the Rights back into the Bill of Rights. It is nothing short of Judicial Tyranny and Bondage ( Taxes on your Freedom) that have so corrupted our National Republic. Your voices and support are desperately needed.

For all of you who regard these words as bunk, ask yourself, Are You Safe ?? Do you doubt the truth of my words ?? Are you sure ?? Are you afraid that speaking out against corruption in Government will result in you and yours be the target of retaliation, for defending Liberty?? Ask yourself , Exactly What did the Davidian Children do to anyone to deserve the tank and gas assault on their home?? What about their Civil Rights ?? Did the Tank Assault on their parents and other adults wanted on suspect warrants directly result in their Deaths ?? Why have the BATF, FBI, Janet Reno and Bill Clinton been afforded Absolute Immunity from Civil Recourse ? ? ? ?

Is it Dangerous to be Right when the Government is Wrong ?

You Betcha

Are you Next

Many, many, many Good Americans have already been attacked, simply for engaging in activities that are supposed to be Protected by the 1stAmendment. Lets not forget the IRS agents who testified from behind screens and had their voices altered IN CONGRESS !! Do you still doubt me ?

Not Knowing All the Hundreds of Court RULES and thousands of technical complexities created by Lawyers and Judges should not be Grounds to Strip Americans for their RIGHTS, Are You To Be Next ??

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The Mission of this Site is to resurrect true Freedom, Equality and Justice Under Law for ALL. True Individual Liberties & Justice for All (Pro Se) must be re-established to empower those entitled to true unalienable rights. United We Can Stand, Divided we will Fail. United Together as Patriots we can resurrect our Freedom, Preserve our Liberties and ensure Justice for ALL. The Courts, Judges, Politicians and Lawyers have reduced our Freedoms to a Commodity, for sale to those able to PAY. As a direct result millions of the world’s disadvantaged, handicapped and average Americans are being denied Equal Justice under Law and yes even the Wealthy are being extorted by the Judicial Tyrants.

The Promotion of Solidarity across America is the Only Answer

Ask John and Rheeta Sweeney of Hamilton Mass.. This family’s nightmare at the hands of the former Com Fed Banksters and FDIC lawyers and abusive Federal Judges is a very good example of what is wrong with America. The Nightmares of thousands of Americans at the hands of unscrupulous Lawyers, Government Agents, Crooked Politicians and Judicial Officers is far to prevalent. Please will you help.

Unalienable Rights are Entitlements, not a commodity to be bought and sold by Lawyers, Judges and the Government to the Highest Bidders !

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William L. Shirer, Author; “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” page 259

Judge Mazzone, Lawyer Shea , US Marshalls and FDIC

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The Vancouver BC Lie of the Year

The American Bailout of Asian and Pacific Rim Banks, Mexico Style, the Global Bank Job that keeps going and going and going and growing and growing and growing and growing, will only cost 8-10 Billion, 15 or 20 Billion, well maybe 68 BILLION ? ?

The Asian Bank and Market Bailout the largest BAILOUT EVER (USA Today)

The Largest Lie Ever You Mean  $68 Billion vs. $550 Billion

USA Today WAKE UP, who do you think you’re fooling ?  “More Giant Sucking Sounds” Ross Perot 11/26/97

Just Like the American Bank System Looting you are being LIED TO and SENT the BILL again

The Greenspan, William Seidman, Danny Wall, Bill Clinton plan to Tax the Bailout of Japanese, Korean, Philippine, and other Asian Banks to America. The New World Orders Tax Plans.

You are being Lied to again

International Criminals & Bank Looters profit while America’s World Taxpayers Get the Bill !

We Must Curb Nafta & GATT, and Neuter the UN

Rebuild America NOW


Fast Track Presidential Trade Authority is Un-American. It usurps the will of the People of America by precluding National debate and questioning of Foreign Treaties. The Caribbean Initiative for example which extends NAFTA to 28 Caribbean and South American Countries directly caused the Wall Street and Asian Market losses in October and November 97. The massive Banking Frauds along the Pacific Rim and in Asia were in a major way responsible as well. Most Americans know nothing of the Trade Pact details or the Treasury, Federal Reserve and IMF, World Bank Plans to have American Taxpayers send Tens of Billions to Bailout Asian and Pacific Rim Banks (The Greenspan Plan).

Most Favored Nation Trading Status for China in FACT undermines every last American’s standard of living, working class America you can not compete against .30 cents an hour labor PERIOD. The free access to our Markets by Oppressive Third World and Communist Economies is WRONG. Working Class Americans it’s a lose, lose, lose policy for your families. While American trade Deficits to Pacific Rim Nations, China and Mexico go ballistic , the Senate and Congress want to extend so called free trade policies and the massive trade deficits ( to further destroy ordinary Americans standards of living) to more than 28 more Central and South American Countries. (the Caribbean Initiative) The Rich Corporations and International Banking Illuminati will Get Richer and Richer and the American Working Class will be come less able to compete in the Global Market Place. The Poor will get Poorer.American Workers, Taxpayers how much more are you going to take ?

Fair Trade NOT Free Trade 

America it is really very simple, you are being put further and further into Global ECONOMIC BONDAGE. You do remember the GIANT SUCKING SOUNDS that the Reform Party warned you about. (Check the Trade Deficit and Government Debt figures lately ? ? ) When your Presidents and National DNC and RNC Parties welcome Chinese Political Contributions, Nuclear Espionage, Communist Murders, Arms Merchants and International Drug Dealers to the White House and export your jobs in the name of International Bankers and Corporate Profits, when will you wake up ? . The IMF and World Bank treat the Pacific Rim Bank and Market Lootings as an American taxpayer responsibility to bailout, when will you wake up ? This is truly intentional World Class Global Corporate looting. It is just a matter of time before the shackles of Tyranny will end up controlling you’re lives. America it is really being put further and further into ECONOMIC BONDAGE. The UN is rapidly positioning itself to take the reins of Power in America, take a good look around the World. For Christ Sake look at the Communist Chinese Arms build Up which includes an enormous Blue Water Navy and more than 17 Air Craft Carriers, they export weapons of mass destruction, Nuclear Arms Technology to Tyrants and they pump millions upon millions into Congressional Senate and Presidential Campaigns with Impunity with plenty more to come. At this time more than 900 Chinese Peoples Revolutionary Army owned businesses are operating in the Continental United States and who knows how many nuclear weapons secrets where stolen ??

The United Nations is at the speed of light becoming the New World Order’s appointed not elected World Government. How many UN Officials have you ever VOTED FOR?. Do they even plan to have elections? Wake Up America.America Wake Up before it is to late

Ten Steps to Restoring America

1. Demand the full Restoration of the Bill of (Unalienable) Rights, the application of the Rule of Law and the US Constitution in Government Administrations, Federal and State Courts and in all Foreign Relations.

2. Support and Demand National Referendum voting. One Man one Woman, One Vote. This will cause True Political Reforms. No longer allow outside interests and money to influence and buy local elections.

3. Demand Election Recall referendums when politicians and law enforcement figures breach the peoples trust. Only Allow those lawfully eligible to vote for issues and candidates to make contributions to those Candidates and Referendums. (No Foreign Contributions Allowed)

4. Demand impeachment reform to include the offense of Perjury. Extend the laws for lying to include all Domestic Officials& Politicians, include all Foreign Diplomats, Leaders and Foreign Powers receiving any kind Foreign Aid whatsoever.

5. Demand true Election reform. Stop allowing the Centralized power of the DNC, RNC, the United Nations or the Council on Foreign Relations to dictate who gets heard in Elections. The power of the Almighty Buck (The Root of All Evil) must not be permitted to destroy Truth, Justice and the American Way. Let all legitimate lawfully registered candidates be included and heard during the election process. Nationalize the National election debates process, in an equitable, fair and FULLY open Constitutional Manner . Why are the Poor and Under Privileged ineligible to hold office, MONEY< MONEY< MONEY that’s why ??

6. Demand the Truth, the whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth from your elected officials and leaders. Liberty is hard won and easily lost to deceit. Demand Full Access to all Unclassified and Non Privileged Government Records. Demand Freedom of Information Reform.

7. Adopt the attitude that every little bit counts. There are millions of Americans that love America and we are out here, fighting everyday to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution, the Laws, Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All. We need full participation.

8. Do not accept the status quo. Those who fail to Demand their Liberty, always lose it. You must Fight for Freedom everyday or some Tyrant, Socialist, Charlatan will put you in Bondage. Support, Protect and Defend the Bill of Rights against all enemies foreign and domestic.

9. America needs every one of Her Patriots like never before. Please do your part every day no matter how small you think that part may be.

10. Pray, Pray and then Pray some more. America is truly a Nation in very serious Moral Decline. The signs are everywhere. Sexual Perversion is featured on TV during Prime Time, School officials can give your daughter and Abortion easier than aspirin, and your family privacy does not exist when your children attend public schools, the hour is Dark America very dark. The Trade Deficit and Debt Figures in America are Unprecedented in American History. When the terms Patriot, Militia and Gun owner become the Dirty words of those labeled as Whacko, it is time to be ever Vigilant, like never before !

Sons and Daughters of American Liberty it’s now or never. Are you going to wimp out or Stand the Gap for Liberty? Do you just want to be a Summer Patriot, another weekend warrior, that runs when the going gets tough? Or do you really love your Country and fellow Countrymen and Women? It’s time to separate the Men and Women from the Boys and Girls. Take your stand, join your hands, put your right foot forward, and stop the Decline in America, it is the least you can do for your Country. Support your Patriots today , Hug your Patriots Today, Pray for America Today.

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Read the Findings of Others on the National Bank and S&L Lootings 

The Savings & Loan Crisis

A Select Bibliography by Elaine Hopkins

This Web page is maintained by Roy Davies. Comments to

  • INSIDE JOB: The LOOTING OF AMERICA’S SAVINGS AND LOANS. Steve Pizzo, McGraw Hill, 1989.Also in paperback. Colorful account of the crime and sleeze of the S&L losses.
  • THE MAFIA, CIA & GEORGE BUSH. Pete Brewton, SPI Books, 1992. Argues the CIA looted S&Ls to pursue its secret ventures, documents interconnections among top politicians, criminals and bureaucrats. Chilling.
  • LICENSE TO STEAL. Benjamin J. Stein, Simon & Schuster, 1992. The ugly truth about Michael Milken and S&Ls.
  • S&L HELL. Kathleen Day, W.W. Norton, 1993.Inside the politics of the S&L mess. Good bibliography.
  • THE GREATEST EVER BANK ROBBERY. Martin Mayer, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1990. Thorough background, insight into the origins of the S&L situation.
  • TRICK OR TREASON, THE OCTOBER SURPRISE MYSTERY. Robert Parry, Sheridan Square Press, 1993.Not about S&Ls but convincingly demonstrates how careerism among today’s journalists has distorted and altered honest reporting. Disturbing book.
  • THE LAST STAND, THE WAR BETWEEN WALL STREET AND MAIN STREET OVER CALIFORNIA’S ANCIENT REDWOODS. David Harris, Times Books, a division of Random House, 1995. How Michael Milken and Charles Hurwitz of Maxxam destroyed California forests and lives using S&L money. Gripping.

Postscript added by Roy Davies

For an academic analysis of the Savings and Loan debacle and the lessons to be learnt see the book by White below.

  • THE S&L DEBACLE: Public policy lessons for bank and thrift regulation. Lawrence J. White. Oxford University Press, 1991.

URL:  [ Top ] [ Financial Scandals Home Page ] [ Financial Thrillers by Linda Davies ] [ Other Money links – Past, Present & Future ] [ Search Money Pages at this site ] [ Roy Davies’ Home Page ] [ Inside Fraud Bulletin ]Roy Davies – last updated 27 August 1998.  E-mail

Welcome to the Web Pages on the Looting of U.S. Saving and Loans

This is an UPDATE to the original S&L pages. Much of the material in these pages is coming from a series of letters I wrote to the San Jose Mercury News beginning in April 1994 in an attempt to get them to balance their reporting of Whitewater with equally vigorous reporting on the three Lootings of U.S. Savings and Loans during the Reagan and Bush administrations. The letters were based on research into the Lootings from several books written in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In addition to a request for balance and fair play, I was attempting to redress the failure of the Mainstream Media to cover the Lootings at the time they occurred. The Mainstream Media reporting on the Lootings was fragmentary, spread out over a period of several years, and never received extensive investigative reporting. There were exceptions, Pete Brewton’s articles in the Houston Post that resulted in his The Mafia, CIA& George Bush in 1992 and a series of articles by three northern California writers that resulted in their Inside Job: The Looting of America’s Savings & Loans published in 1989. By 1994 and the Whitewater coverage it was evident that no one in the Mainstream Media or the reading public as a whole, had read either book.

Today, in 1998, the reading and viewing public in the United States are subjected to a daily barrage of material intended to entertain and indoctrinate. Information on serious subjects important to the future of this country are ignored, dumbed-down or distorted . On some subjects — sports and sex, just to name a few — the coverage is so great we begin to suffer from a state of mental indigestion. In vivid contrast, we have some topics the Mainstream Media simply will not cover today and did not cover in the past. The Lootings of the American Savings and Loans from 1985 to 1995 is one of these topics. On this subject, the American people are simply not Information-Poor, they are Information-Starved.

As you will see in some of pages, the letters usually are based upon one or more of those unread books on the Lootings. It is still my intention to put together a time-based narrative of the specific S&Ls that were looted for the benefit of wealthy Republicans. But on re-reading some of the letters I have come to realize that their sense of immediacy and purpose would be lost when re-written in narrative form. Moreover, the preparation of the narratives will take me weeks and months of work. So I will give you the letters now, and in a few months, the narratives. (The meat now, the potatoes, or is that the potatoes, later).

Letter of April 4, 1994- – The Role of the Mainstream Media in the Whitewater Investigation

Letter of April 8, 1994 – Four distinct types of Political Criminal Acts

Letter of April 8, 1994 – Lincoln Savings and Loan — The Timeline

Letter of April 16, 1994Lincoln Savings and Loan – The Skimming and the Shredding

Letter of April 18, 1994 – Silverado – The Cover-up of a Cover-up

 Unsent Letter of April 23, 1994 – Bread and Circuses

Letter of May 1, 1994 Who Watches the Watchers?

A Letter to Congressman Barney Frank, May 2, 1994 (in preparation)

Savings and Loan Looting Techniques

Broward (in preparation)

Sunrise (in preparation)

 Mainland (in preparation)

 The Arkansas S&Ls (in preparation)

 Herman Beebe and the Palmer National Bank (in preparation)

I have been studying the S&L Scam of 1985 to 1995 for almost four years now. As I have mentioned elsewhere, the coverage of the three SEPARATE LOOTINGS of the S&Ls in the Mainstream Media is a joke.

For something that has cost the American taxpayer between $400 BILLION and $500 BILLION dollars the lack of Mainstream Media coverage is somewhat curious until you realize they believed this information was best kept from the American people. After all, the money went into the RIGHT pockets, didn’t it?

For something that has cost the American taxpayer between $400 BILLION and $500 BILLION dollars the lack of information from the Government on the extent of the Scam is disgraceful. With these Web Pages, I hope to accomplish three objectives.

My first objective is to convince President Clinton to

(1) Direct the OMB or the Treasury Department to produce a current study on the amount of money the S&L Scam has ;cost the American taxpayers to date.

(2) Have Clinton open the files of the Resolution Trust Corporation and the other S&L regulatory agencies to investigation, preferably through posting on the Internet.

(3) I even have some hope of convincing Janet Reno that another OIC needs to be appointed, this time determine if any people in the S&L regulatory agencies, or in her department or the FBI were part of the Scam. As far as I can determine, if a federal official had been involved in criminal acts to protect a fellow Republican (or Democrat) then the statute of limitations no longer applies.


Fortunately a number of good reporters did write some books on the subject, and these have provided much of the information that I used in a series of letters to the San Jose Mercury News from early 1994 onwards in an attempt to get some investigative reporting into the S&L criminal activity. I received no replies to any of them. Let an aged movie star die and he or she gets front page coverage. Let the average American family be robbed of from $5,000 to $10, 000 dollars apiece and there is no story. It is also interesting that at least two of the reporters writing on the S&L Scam (Pete Brewton and Stephen Pizzo) have now been ostracized by the main stream media.

While all of the Web Pages on the Savings and Loan Scam will be works in progress, there is a special set of Pages that should be close to the heart of anyone who wants the S&L criminals and the government officials who shielded them during the 1980s and early 1990s, identified and indicted for criminal acts against the people of the United States. Well over a thousand Savings and Loans collapsed during the Reagan and Bush administrations and were responsible for much of the billions of dollars it cost the American people. Yet I cannot locate a list of these S&Ls and the amounts of money looted from them. Therefore, one of the Web Pages is called


I will need the help of all those who visit this Web Site to add the names of the looted S&Ls to the list, and the amounts of money looted from each. In addition, please provide the source of information to the E-mail address below. The means by which the S&Ls were looted varied from S&L to S&L. There are strong indications in the literature (the books, not the Mainstream Media) that Organized Crime and the Mafia set up various swindles with cooperating S&L owners and managers to skim off millions of dollars. Then there was any number of fraudulent real estate transactions in which the S&Ls were robbed. None of these received much attention in the Mainstream Media because of the political connections of the people defrauding the S&Ls.

Because much of this was ignored in the Mainstream Media, Federal and state law enforcement agencies gave a pass to much of this, and even in those cases that were criminally investigated, finally gave a pass to frauds where the money being defrauded was less than $20 million dollars (or was it $100 million dollars?) Certain people were allowed to default on loans in the tens of millions and in at least one case, in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Who were these people? What were their political affiliations? Did they make contributions to the major political parties, and if so, to which ones? Were their political contributions the reason why many of the people were never investigated by state or federal officials, or brought before federal grand juries? Then again, perhaps some of the defaulted loans were legitimate. But in any case, the Mainstream Media yawned and looked away. Therefore another Web Page is called:


As you will see, the initial list is limited to just a few names.

The first looting of the S&Ls caused them to collapse. The federal S&L regulatory agencies took over the assets of the failed S&Ls. Some of these assets were real property — buildings and land, or simply land. In disposing of this property, speculators and multi-millionaires were given first crack at acquiring the properties at cut-rate prices. Various public-advocacy groups attempted to acquire some of this property for their programs, but always seemed to lose to the well-connected speculator groups and the rich. I would be glad to create a list showing some of these things if the readers of these pages want to send me an E-mail at the address below. This list would be:


Many of the assets acquired by the S&L regulators was in the form of mortgages or other documents indicating that large sums of monies were owed to the S&Ls (and now to the American taxpayer). Some effort was made by the S&L regulatory agencies to recover some of this money, but the more aggressive lawyers and investigators involved in the recovery effort were somehow laid off or transferred to other jobs during the last year of the Bush Administration. Again the Mainstream Media yawned and looked the other way. There was one article in the Washington Post on Senate Hearings into this in August 1992, and then silence.

Another policy adopted by the S&L regulatory agencies during the Bush Administration was a policy of the FORGIVENESS OF LOANS. This came to light for a day or two in October 1990 when Jeb Bush and his real estate partner were able to pay off a $4.65 million dollar mortgage for $505,000 (see below). It is indeed possible the money to pay off the mortgage came from the original $4.65 million dollar loan. Again, perhaps it was legal, but it was never examined by the Mainstream Media and continued to raise questions to this day. How many other well-connected people in this country were able to pay off their loans to defunct S&Ls for pennies on the dollar? We do not know. The Mainstream Media thought this kind of information was not necessary for the people of this country to know. I would like to put together a list of the names of those persons whose loans were FORGIVEN by the S&L regulatory agencies.

If I can get some names and dollar amounts, they will be added to the single name of Jeb Bush in


Unless the readers of these pages can think of other lists that could be used to inform the American people of the GREAT S&L ROBBERY, the remainder of the Web pages in the S&L section will be devoted to specific cases on which there is some documentation.

I have selected the following S&Ls and a National Bank in Washington, D.C. for study because of failure of the Mainstream Media to report on stories pertaining to their looting and because they are linked to prominent politicians, past or present.

Broward Savings and Loan in Florida

This should be sub-titled “How Jeb Bush and his real estate partner were able to purchase an $9 million office building in Florida on money that probably came out of the pockets of the American taxpayer.” Perhaps there is more to the story than I have been able to uncover, but for some reason the Mainstream Media had absolutely no curiosity about this story and gave it VERY LIMITED coverage (one story in the New York Times, one in the Washington Post). Both of these stories referred to a new Resolution Trust Corporation policy of the FORGIVENESS OF LOANS. Evidently if you were well-connected politically and you had borrowed millions of dollars from Savings and Loans that later failed, the RTC would let you off the hook for pennies on the dollar. It was excellent way to obtain property and have the American taxpayer pay for it.

Sunrise Savings and Loan, Boynton Beach, Florida

During the Federal trial of the officers and employees of $1.5 billion dollar Sunrise Savings and Loan in 1989 one witness, Ronald Berkovitz, claimed that then Vice-President George Bush had told a senior S&L regulatory examiner to back off from an examination of the S&L in 1984. In his testimony, Berkovitz claimed that Bush did this in front of Robert Jacoby, the Sunrise CEO, who had gone to Bush to complain “that federal examiners were being too tough on Sunrise.” Less than a year later, in July 1985, Sunrise crashed at a cost to the American taxpayers of $680 million dollars. The Berkovitz testimony was later confirmed by another official close to Sunrise. The Reagan-appointed Federal Attorney for that area of Florida made no effort to indict Berkovitz for perjury, or to question other officers and employees of Sunrise Savings and Loan about the matter.

Peter Brewton, who wrote one of the best books on the Savings and Loan Scam, had to learn of the Berkovitz testimony from an obscure legal journal in the Miami area. Although the trial was covered by the Miami Herald, a Knight-Ridder newspaper, I could find nothing in the archival pulls of the Miami Herald that even touched upon this testimony. There is one quote from the Herald, published after the conviction of Jacoby and another Sunrise executive that sums up the matter nicely. “In the end, it wasn’t incompetence, a poor economy or crummy luck that killed Sunrise Savings. It was criminal activity.” The Miami Heral. Nov 6, 1989.

Lincoln Savings and Loan in California – Part Two

We all know of the first part of the story of Charles Keating and the infamous Keating Five: Senators McCain and DeConcini of Arizona, Glenn of Ohio, Cranston of California, and Riegle of Michigan.

For some reason, the Mainstream Media did not cover the second part. This consisted of a meeting between the members of the San Francisco FHLBB and the senators in early 1987 when the FHLBB people evidently convinced four of the five senators that Keating was engaged in a number of criminal acts. (see the Lincoln page). The Senators were not heard of after this, and some returned their contribution. But somehow the Mainstream Media hung a maverick Republican and four Democratic senators out to dry as the Keating Five. The Keating Five and the Keating Five alone were held responsible by the Mainstream Media for all of the crimes of Charles Keating. If you read the Lincoln Savings and Loan Timeline pages, a completely different story emerges.

The San Francisco FHLBB sent a criminal referral to the Reagan Justice Department on April 9, 1987 and in May 1987, recommended that Lincoln be seized at once. After Ed Gray is forced out of the FHLBB in Washington, Reagan appoints M. Danny Wall to the post. Shortly after this, and for the first time in U.S. regulatory history, a regulatory case under investigation at a regional level is transferred from the jurisdiction of the field office to the jurisdiction of the Washington FHLBB headed by M.Danny Wall. Evidently the Republican Mr. Wall was attempting to help out the Republican national committeeman from Arizona, one each Charles Keating. Besides, Wall, who wrote much of the S&L deregulation bill while he was on the staff of the senior Republican senator from Utah, Jack Garn, did not want to discourage free enterprise in the savings and loan industry.

The transfer of the Lincoln investigation to Washington occurred sometime in late 1987 or early 1988. The movement of the investigation on Lincoln to Washington delayed the closure of Lincoln until February 1989. This gave Keating time to issue well over $250,000,000 in junk bonds to gullible investors in southern California. Some of the proceeds from the sale of the junk bonds evidently were used to make a $100,000 campaign contribution to the Bush presidential campaign in 1988. (The junk bond sales was the only source of income for Keating at this time.)

A Partial Bibliography of the books on the S&L Scam

Trust Me: Charles Keating and the Missing Billions by Micharel Binstein and Charles Bowden – NY:Random House, 1993

Silverado: Neil Bush and the Savings and Loan Scandal by Steven Wilmsen-Washington: National Press Books, 1991

Overdrawn: The Bailout of American Savings by Michael A. Robinson – NY Dutton, 1992

The Mafia, CIA, and George Bush by Pete Brewton – NY SPI, 1992

Inside Job: the Looting of America’s Savings and Loans by Stephen Pizzo, Mary Fricker, and Paul Muolo, McGraw Hill, 1989, Harper, 1991

Other stories that will be published in these pages:

Silverado -in Colorado – How to invest in the oil exploration company of a president’s son, and make a fortune from an S&L.

Madison Guaranty in Arkansas. – About the only person who made any money out of Madison is Sheffield Nelson, the Republican National Committeeman from Arkansas since 1990 and the Republican candidate for governor in 1990 and 1994.

Palmer National Bank. How a Republican bank in Washington D.C. got its original capital investment.

If you wish to comment on the content of any of these pages, please log in to Table Talk forum of Salon Magazine at

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The Media’s Handling of the Clinton Scandals.

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